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Alicante is a popular vibrant destination in Spain for tourists. Car hire is the best ways to visit Alicante as the city roads are easy to travel and is the only way to explore this amazing city with freedom and the ability to discover the beautiful sights of the mountains, castles, forests and beaches.

You wouldn't want to travel any other way than with an Alicante car hire with the endless choices and independence you will experience on your holiday.

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Alicante Car Hire Alicante

Alicante is a magnificent city and your car hire with DriveAway will be helpful as you travel around Spain. Collect your vehicle from Alicante Airport located approximately 13 kilometres south of the city centre. Alicante can be reached from the airport by travelling by your hire car on the N-332 road. You are also able to collect your rental car from the railway station and downtown depots located throughout the city.

Travel to the dramatic Castillo de Santa Bárbara which was built by the Carthaginians in 400BC. This is one of the largest fortresses in Europe and rises up to heights of 160 metres above sea level. The Castillo de Santa Bárbara is a symbol of Alicante and is an enchanting structure of high walls, drawbridges, tunnels and dungeons. The top of the castle can be reached by an elevator or by a challenging hike to experience the magical landscape views of the bay and city.

Take a stroll on the El Postiguet Beach, a mesmerising scene of golden sands in combination with the sapphire blue Mediterranean Sea. The beautiful beach has a palm-lined walkway with many water sports activities and facilities available for visitors. The El Postiguet Beach is a world of its own filled with tranquil beauty craved by all tourists.

Take a short car hire drive to Elche which is located approximately 20 kilometres west of Alicante. Elche is known as the only palm forest in Europe and is surrounded by charming parks and gardens. The palm forest is 430 hectares and has more than 200,000 trees which dominates the landscape when viewed in the distance. You will also discover the "priest's garden" which has many orchards, cacti, tropical plants and the famous Imperial Palm, a unique 7 branched palm tree which stands tall in the centre of the garden.

San Juan Day is one of the most popular celebrations in Alicante. It is celebrated from the 19th to the 24th of June for Saint John. It involves street band parades, performances, costumes and a huge display of fireworks. This celebration has much historical symbolism and is a spectacular event.

Cities (To and From) Distance (Approx. km) Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Alicante - Valencia 165 2
Alicante - Madrid 419 4
Alicante - Malaga 472 4.75

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