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Argentina is the southern most country in South America, and owes its unique character and charm to the very distinct features and cultures of its different regions.

Home to the Tango, cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, unforgettable Patagonia, enchanting cities and phenomenal natural environments, Argentina has something to offer every traveller. Travel across this the diverse country in your hire car, from the Altantic coast to Bariloche, from Salta to Ushuaia and everything in between.

To view driving distances within Argentina and car hire information, visit our Argentina Driving Tips page.

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Argentina Car Hire Argentina

The cosmopolitan capital of Buenos Aires is the heart of Argentina, a complex and energetic port city that has a rich European history that is evident in its people and architecture. Your hire car will give you the freedom to see it all: grand avenues, stylish restaurants, European architecture, and bustling streets alive with street performers and cool cafes. Take in some Tango at one of the milongas (dance halls) or see a passionate game of football at the Boca Juniors Futbol Stadium. Visit the neighbourhood of La Boca, with wooden houses painted in brilliant colours and the streets are buzzing with tango dancers, artists and tourists.

Other hot spots in Argentina include magnificent Bariloche, on the border with Chile on the Andes mountain range, a gorgeous mountainous ski resort town, with fantastic hiking and skiing. Mar del Plata, Argentina’s largest beach resort, will keep you entertained with the casino, Hotel Provencial, and the annual film festival. Use your car hire to explore the eastern plains of the Pampas and home to the Gauchos. Head north to the region of Chaco and Iguazu Falls, one of the world’s greatest sights, and an area rich in wetlands and forests. Drive your car rental south to the spectacularly rugged region of Patagonia, where you’ll experience unbelievable hiking and amazing glaciers. Discover all that this country has to offer with your car hire in Argentina.

Cities (To and From) Distance (Approx. km) Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Buenos Aires to Rosario 298 3.5
Salta to Cordoba 873 11
Trelew to Bahia Blanca 719 8