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Bergerac is the largest town of the Perigord Pourpre department, which translates to purple grapes, and was once a successful port for the wine trade. This charismatic city is located on the northern banks of Dordogne and is a location perfect for a self-drive holiday in your car hire.

DriveAway offers a wide range of car rental vehicles and depots; you can collect your hire car from Bergerac airport, railway station or downtown depots located throughout the city. Bergerac is a great place to start your self-drive holiday of France as it is located just one and a half hours drive from Bordeaux, three hours to Toulouse and five hours to Montpellier. Car hire offers the luxury of freedom and independence allowing you to enjoy and create your own itinerary.

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Experience Bergerac

Bergerac Bergerac

The main attraction of Bergerac is the Old Town located north of the river. You can drive your rental car and park at the main riverside car park which is located just a short walk from the old town. This is a wonderful attraction as you stroll along the medieval half-timbered streets with charming cafes and restaurants scattered around perfectly.

Take a stroll through the tranquil and beautiful streets of Bergerac filled with romantic fountains, medieval houses and the main attraction, the 17th century Maison Peyrarrède. Here you will find the enlightening Museum of Tobacco which details the history and collections of pipes and tools of the trade. Don't miss out on the famous Bergerac Old Bridge which dates back to 1837. This is a symbol of the towns river trading past, exporting Bergerac wines, wood and much more.

Eglise Notre Dame de Bergerac has a huge importance to Bergerac and symbolises the cities expansion that transformed the town in the 19th century. The church featured neo-gothic style and has a bell tower reaching heights of 80 metres. Also visit the St Jacques Church which is a Romanesque Church. The main attraction is the churches organ, where the architecture has changed due to many renovations and modifications made through the years.

Drive to the prehistoric caves of Bergerac in Lascaux which attracts millions of visitors each year. Located on the west bank of Vézère River, you will be able to see the heritage that has been protected by the rock shelters and limestone caves around the landscape. There are many great halls which connect well, down the first hall you will find the Great Hall of the Bulls and The Painted Gallery. The second gallery showcased the Lateral Passage, the Chamber of Engravings, the Main Gallery and the Chamber of Felines. And at the far end is The Shaft of the Dead Man.

Cities (To and From) Distance (Approx. km) Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Bergerac - Paris 600 6
Bergerac - Toulouse 200 2.5
Bergerac - Bordeaux 110 1.5
Bergerac - Marseille 600 6
Bergerac - Calais 900 8.5