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Bordeaux is located in the south-west of France and is a foodies paradise. Full of fabulous gastronomic experiences and overflowing with delicious wine, you'll be sure to leave with a content belly. The city also boasts amazing architecture; its combination of neoclassical, gothic, roman and renaissance elements somehow complement each other to create the city you now see.

In 2007, Bordeaux was officially included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. In the centre of the city, see the Basilica of Saint Severinus of Bordeaux, possessing a history that goes back to the 6th century, or take a walk along Sainte-Catherine street in the pedestrian centre. Savour the sidewalk cafes, patisseries and bars – as well as the markets and stalls.

Another site to see is the Place de la Bourse, a landmark square surrounded by neoclassic buildings and the worlds largest reflective pool. Plan your trip to France and read up on driving laws, licence requirements and tips for staying safe with our essential France Driving Tips.

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Bordeaux is famous for its world class vineyards and is a mecca for wine lovers. Visit the Bordeaux Wine Museum, take a lesson at the Bordeaux Wine School or drive to the Chateau Mouton-Rothschild to tour the wine-themed museum. A rental car is the best way to get around Bordeaux and to explore the beautiful Aquitaine region.

If you ever tire from wining and dining, depart Bordeaux for a fascinating day trip exploring the cave paintings at Grotte du Grand Roc. The Garonne River cuts through Bordeaux and connects to the Atlantic; follow this for a 45-minute drive to the Atlantic Ocean and climb the highest sand dune in Europe, the Dune de Pilat.


Climb the stairs of the Basilica of St. Michael for impressive panoramic views of the city. Check out the beautiful Grand Théâtre, which is an 18th-century cultural attraction in Bordeaux. The interior of the building is just as impressive as its exterior, with blue and gold embellishment. If you have the chance, watch one of the ballet or musical performances here.

Cities (To and From) Distance (Approx. km) Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Bordeaux - Paris 600 6.5
Bordeaux - Mulhouse 900 9
Bordeaux - Montpellier 500 5
Bordeaux - Perpignan 450 4.5
Bordeaux - Lyon 550 6