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The closest point of mainland Europe to the UK, Calais has grown over the years from a quiet fishing village during Roman times to a thoroughfare for millions of travellers each year, making their way between France and England.

Make your way around the abundant historic city with the comfort and independence of your car hire from DriveAway. Explore the museums and learn the growing history of Calais with the help of DriveAway car hire, and your very own unique itinerary that you will enjoy all throughout your trip.

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Whether you're arriving from the UK and collecting your hire car when you get here, or simply passing through, Calais is worth spending some time exploring with some hidden gems found throughout the area.

Having once been an important strategic location for local empires and governments, Calais these days is the main pathway for travellers passing between France and the UK. Whether you are hiring a car on one side and popping over to the other for a day trip, or travelling into Calais on the Eurostar and collecting your rental on arrival, there are a few interesting attractions worth checking out before continuing on your journey.

Calais saw a lot of action during past conflicts in the area, particularly during WWII when much of the city was destroyed. To take a peek into the world of the soldiers that fought in the area, jump in your hire car and drive a short distance south of the port, to Parc Saint-Pierre, one of the main parks in town. In the park you will find Musée Mémoire, a WWII museum house inside a bunker. Inside is a great collection of uniforms, weapons, and maps from several armies, and also has scale models of various structures from the war.

Back in the centre of town, you will find a building unlike no other in France, the Église Notre-Dame de Calais or the Church of Notre Dame in English. Built in the 13th century when the area was under English occupation, this is the only English gothic style church in France and has in the past been used for several famous weddings.

If you have some time to spare, why not hop in your hire car and cruise along the coast or through the nearby forests in the area. Rather than following the hoards of tourists driving along the main highway south to Paris, you could explore the small quiet towns in the area, and also enjoy lots of great views. Be sure to keep an eye out across the channel also, as the distance is so close, on clear days you can even see across to the famous white cliffs of Dover!

Cities (To and From) Distance (Approx. km) Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Calais - Paris 800 7
Calais - Mulhouse 700 7
Calais - Bordeaux 900 8.5
Calais - Nice 1200 11.5
Calais - Annecy 830 7.5