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Located in the very north of Europe, Finland boasts the largest untouched wilderness in Europe and each year draws nature lovers from around the world.

A truly unique nation, which features both ultramodern cities alongside vast untouched forests filled with wildlife, it’s not hard to see why Finland is so popular, and with your hire car through DriveAway, you can see it all!

Waiting for you from the time you make your first step into Finland is the beautiful picturesque landscape packed with colourful flora, bright green forests and mountains topped white snow, and not to mention the warm and friendly locals. Start your exploration of Finland with a car hire from DriveAway, we can help you find the right car for your needs and make your self-driven tour in Finland the most comfortable and unforgettable.

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Destination Finland

Finland Car Hire Finland

During the summer, Finland becomes a paradise for sailing and fishing fanatics. With hundreds of thousands of lakes and islands ready to be explored, the intimacy of Finland is fast making it a hot spot for tourists, both coming to see the natural world, and also to experience the vibrant cities. Helsinki, the capital city in particular, has become a favourite destination to take in some shopping or visit the local parks, museums and markets. Being one of the smaller Scandinavian countries, Finland has retained a cosiness that makes tourists feel welcome.

Some spots not to miss include the Olavinlinna Castle which is one of the most pristinely preserved medieval castles in Europe, and the city of Rauma, which was listed as a world heritage site because of it’s rich traditional links to the artists and craft-makers which once inhabited it.

A great destination all year round, Finland offers something unique and memorable to every visitor. Hire a car in Finland with the car hire specialist DriveAway and experience the freedom and flexibility to explore Finland and its surroundings where other tourists have not discovered.

Cities (To and From) Distance (Approx. km) Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Helsinki - Turku 168 1.75
Espoo - Helsinki 18.5 0.5
Tampere - Helsinki 178 2

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