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French Polynesia Car Hire

Car Hire French Polynesia

Located roughly halfway between Australia and the US, French Polynesia is a tropical paradise, made up of 118 islands, with the vast majority undeveloped and uninhabited.

Highly popular for honeymoons, or simply an escape from city life, French Polynesia continues to stun and amaze visitors time after time with its combination of beautiful scenery, great weather and friendly locals.

The best part of all is that your car hire through DriveAway Holidays will give you the opportunity to explore, at your own pace the tropical paradise of the French Polynesia.

Drive a Hire Car in French Polynesia

French Polynesia is divided into 5 archipelagos, or island groups, which are the Marqueesas, Tuamotu, Society, Austral and Gambier islands. While the whole area is stunningly beautiful and serene, each of the groups has their own feel and unique things to see and do. A variety of rugged mountainous as well as low flat sandy islands, featuring lagoons, reefs and atolls combine to provide a great range of scenery to explore.

The best known island group in French Polynesia is the Society Islands, which include Tahiti,Bora Bora,Raiatea and Moorea. Tahiti is home to the main airport in the area, and you can collect a hire car upon arrival here, and set off to explore the many treasures the island has to offer. This is also the largest island in the region, and simply cruising around in your hire car you will find countless areas of great natural beauty.

Not far from the Society Islands is another archipelago known as the Tuamotu Islands. With a population of approximately only 400 people, this is the ultimate destination for those wishing to escape the modern world. Be sure to take your time exploring Rangiora, one of the largest atolls in the world, perfect for snorkelling or scuba diving.

For a unique insight into the past of the region, take a tour over to the Austral Islands, where you can see ancient traditional art such as woodcarvings and giant stone tikis. While not as suitable for snorkelling, the islands have amazing hiking trails, waterfalls and horse riding tracks, a great place to check out for a day or two while taking a break from underwater fun.