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Graz is the largest in the state of Steiermark and often overlooked by visitors to Austria. The region is south of Vienna and is a gateway to Slovenia and the Lake Balton area of Hungary. The old town of Graz is built around the Schlossberg Park on the west bank of the river Mur and is connected to the new town on the east bank by seven bridges.

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Jump into your Graz Car Hire and travel over to the historic Old Town, which is now a World Heritage site. The Old Town is famous for its mix of architectural styles from different periods. It may be a good idea to take a tour around this attraction to find out the stories within its walls. There are many great attractions, including the Graz Cathdral, the City Hall, the Franziskanerplatz and the Hauptplatz. Check out the spectacular Renaissance Palace, designed by an Italian architect. The amazing courtyard and details of the architecture are amazing and definitely worth a visit.

The symbol of Graz is the the Clock Tower, located on top of the Schlossberg Hill. This landmark of Graz stands tall and proud in the centre of the city and has a great observation deck for a panoramic view of the city. This 13th century structure is famous for its unusual feature, the hour hand is actually longer than the minute hand.

Graz has many great museums and historical attractions to take in the culture of Austria. One of the main museums is the Stadtmuseum and the Landeszeughaus Armoury, which showcases a collection of weaponry and artefacts. Also don't miss out on the Museum of Perception or the Neue Galerie which is home to over 2,000 art works.

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