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Established as a town in 1850, Kansas has since then seen great growth, and know spreads across the state border of Missouri as well as the state of Kansas itself. Although often overlooked by tourists visiting the states, Kansas City has a great variety of attractions to keep visitors occupied. Abundance of boulevards, public spaces, gardens and fountains make it a pleasant city to visit.

Car Hire Kansas City

Kansas City Kansas City

An interesting local attraction and a great way to begin your visit to Kansas City, is by heading to the National World War I Museum, located just a short drive south of downtown in your rental car. Although not so significant to the city itself, the museum includes an obelisk which is over 65 metres tall and has a viewing platform at the top, which offers visitors a spectacular view of the city. The museum is definitely worth spending some time in also though, and one of the significant instalments is a monument which was the first monument to WWI in the world.

Kansas City is a typical Midwestern US city, in the sense that it does indeed display many of the famous characteristics and cultural traits of cities in the area. Home style cooking and barbecues make up much of the local cuisine, and many famous jazz and blues musicians have emerged over the years. To learn a little about the local musical world, jump in your hire car and head east of the city centre the American Jazz Museum, located just a short distance from downtown.

Northeast of the city centre, a world of fun and games awaits you, with two of the best theme parks in the area found here. The Worlds of Fun theme park is located here, and is next door to the Oceans of Fun. Between the two, you can choose from roller coasters, thrill rides, waterslides and giant swimming pools, truly something for everyone.

For the motorbike enthusiasts, Kansas City has an attraction that will definitely be a highlight, the Harley Davidson Assembly Plant, which is northwest of the city centre, near the airport. The plant has tours which show the stages of construction from manufacturing parts through to the final assembly of the bikes themselves, a great tour for those interested in the two-wheeled motoring world.

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Cities (To and From) Distance (Approx. km) Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Kansas City - Oklahoma City 550 5
Kansas City - St Louis 400 3.5
Kansas City - Nashville 900 8.5

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