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Escape to Lithuania and lose yourself in the rolling hills, gentle plains and serene rivers and lakes. Make a car rental booking today and explore Lithuania’s amazing landscapes and historical attractions. Your hire car will remind you how good it feels to drive the open road, overlooking picturesque sights, the 99 kilometer coastline and cultural attractions with no schedules or time limits.

Lithuania is located in Eastern Europe along the coast of the Baltic Sea. It is surrounded by Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Russia and is officially the central country of Europe. Lithuania has much to see with 2,500 lakes, 18 winding rivers, and lush green forests amongst the unique cities. Driving is the convenient way to venture through Lithuania as the major roads are easily connected to other cities.

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Destination Lithuania

Lithuania Car Hire Lithuania

Your holiday needs flexibility, independence with endless choices and your car hire can deliver this to you. Take advantage of the benefits a car hire can provide, as you embark on a scenic drive through the delights of this rediscovered Baltic country. Lithuania can be easily accessed with your hire car by other destinations in Europe.

Your holiday should start at Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania and the nation’s most beautiful destination located along the Neris River. You can collect your car hire upon arrival at the Vilnius International airport or from a downtown depot within the city. Vilnius is a vibrant medieval city of old architecture set in the enchanting landscape of valleys, the Neris River nestled within the lush hills. Vilnius is a delightful city with a unique mixture of architecture styles through the influence of Scandinavia, Russia and Germany.

The old town is the major attraction of Vilnius making it part of the UNESCO list of World Heritage cities. The Old town has many churches, ancient buildings, and artworks to explore. The cathedral located on the central square of the old city has many beautiful artworks, traditional icons, and rich history. The Gediminas castle is definitely worth a visit dating back to the 13th century and hosts a historical museum providing breathtaking views of the old city.

From Vilnius travel west approximately 35 minutes to Trakai and explore this small magical town located between three lakes. You can explore across the serene scenic lake, the wooden cottages and the majestic castles which will leave you in amazement. From Trakai travel west 70 minutes to Kaunas the second largest city in Lithuania. Kaunas is the cultural centre, a city of old and cultural traditions with countless museums and significant buildings.

Continue to drive west with your car hire to the coastal locations of pristine sandy beaches at Palanga. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax on the golden sands while you get your feet wet in the invigorating cool waters. There are many trendy restaurants, cafes, pubs and nightclubs while also offering hiking trails and impressive natural landscapes. Also don’t miss out on the Botanical Park and the Tsikevicius Palace. Lithuania is a place where you can escape from reality and lose yourself in the beauty.

Cities (To and From) Distance (Approx. km) Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Vilnius to Kaunas 105 1.25
Kaunas to Klaipeda 215 2.25
Kaunas to Panevezys 109 1.5