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Luton is a large town that is situated to the north of London , and is a fantastic place to begin your holiday in the UK. This is a great alternative to staying in the city of London if you want to avoid the crowds and the high prices, and it is approximately a one hour drive in your hire car from Luton to London city centre, as well as plenty of other attractions along the way.

Enjoy the parks and museums, mix with the exotic blend of locals in Luton, and explore the rich history and lovely churches. You can collect your rental car from Luton airport or downtown, so no need to worry about airport shuttles or expensive cabs. Your car hire can also give you the freedom to explore the wonderful country of United Kingdom.

Take a look at the UK Driving Tips page for more information on car hire and other destinations throughout the United Kingdom.

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Luton was famous in the 1800's for its hat making, when this industry dominated the town, and millinery is still produced but on a much smaller scale. Vauxhall Motors are produced in Luton, making this one of Luton’s main industries.

While in Luton, take your car hire to visit Luton Hoo, a magnificent country house dating back centuries, the University of Befordshire, St Mary’s Church, and the Luton Museum and Art Gallery. Experience the Luton International Carnival if you are lucky enough to visit Luton in May and witness the largest one-day carnival in Europe.

London Luton Airport is home to some of the countries cheapest low cost carriers, and a great way to budget is to make this your base point to explore Luton and the rest of the south of Britain with your hire car.

You can drive to nearby Oxford and visit the famed university towns. Perhaps, travel from Luton to the north of the UK, and visit Liverpool, Manchester and the Lakes District. All within easy reach from Luton with a DriveAway car hire!

Cities (To and From) Distance (Approx. km) Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Luton - London 54 1
Luton - Oxford 108 1.25
Luton - Cambridge 65 1