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This spectacular region of the world, despite a reputation of being marred with turbulence, is full of diverse culture, fascinating history, breathtaking natural scenery, as well as five-star resorts and tax-free shopping. Drive across this beautiful part of the world with a car hire from DriveAway, and see all this incredible region has to offer.

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Middle East Middle East

Collect your car hire within the United Arab Emirates and enjoy the sand dunes, beach living and modern living of Dubai, which is rapidly becoming famous for its world-class hotels and fantastic shopping. Lebanon is home to ancient cultures, spectacular landscapes, fantastic beaches and ski resorts. Oman is located along the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea, and is growing rapidly with economic growth and modernization. Oman’s newly created roads and highways make it the perfect place to explore with your own car hire. Your hire car from DriveAway will give you the freedom to see all these countries at your own pace.

Jordan is home to amazing history and the city historic city of Petra is a must see. Established as early as 312BC the city is full of rock-cut architecture and buildings. Another one for history buff's, Cairo, in Egypt is set among the beautiful Nile and gateway to the Giza Pyramids. The fascinating city of Jerusalem is the spiritual centre of the world and plays an important role in Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Religious, or not, the intriguing maze of alleys, bazaars and historical sites should not be missed. Turkey can be considered the meeting point between Asia and Europe, and is an intriguing country with plenty of history and things to see and do.

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