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Nantes has become an international tourist destination and nominated as the most pleasant town in Europe. The city of Nantes is rich in culture and history, with the fifteenth century castle, Château des ducs de Bretagne and the Nantes Cathedral which holds the amazing black and white marble tomb of the parents of Anne of Brittany.

Near the castle, the medieval quarter of Bouffay still retains its charm and beauty. Located on the banks of the Loire River, the city of Nantes has a quiet charm and elegance that needs to be seen to be truly appreciated, and you can discover it all with a Nantes car hire from DriveAway.

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While in Nantes, make sure you see the Lu Tower for great views of the city. The Arts Museum of Nantes is a must see as well, with one of the finest collections in France, from Italian primitives to contemporary artists. Don't miss the Jules Vern Museum which pays homage to Jules Verne, bringing to life his particular imaginary world.

Along with the allure of Nantes, there is an abundance to see outside of this amazing city. You can take your Nantes car hire and sample the fine wines from the Nantes vineyards. The Nantes vineyard trail will take you through captivating countryside with gentle slopes striped with vines, its great church bells and the waterways of the Loire.

You can explore the waterways along the Loire Estuary, a haven for bird watchers, fishing enthusiasts, and nature lovers. Travel in your car hire from Nantes to the Atlantic coast, and go bathing in Pornic or La Baule, one of France's most chic seaside resorts. The diversity of the scenery around Nantes is exceptional, and you can discover it all at your leisure with a Nantes car hire from DriveAway!

Cities (To and From) Distance (Approx. km) Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Nantes - Paris 400 4
Nantes - St Malo 200 2
Nantes - Mulhouse 850 8
Nantes - Toulouse 600 5.5
Nantes - Marseille 1000 9