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Portland is commonly known as the City of Roses and the largest city in Oregon. Oregon is known for its abundant rose gardens, lush forests and awe-inspiring waterfalls. Portland sits between the Willamette and Columbia Rivers. Its German Style prost breweries, old dive bars and art boutiques are a must see. Portland has a unique sense of style and tight-knit community that welcomes all visitors to its unique lifestyle. Its modern technological advancement in sustainability has helped maintain its natural environment, being ranked as one of the best park systems in America. It is a great way to escape the busy city.

DriveAway offers locations throughout Portland, including the downtown or city depots and Portland International Airport. Where ever you are collecting your vehicle, we will find the location closest to you. Offering you a comparison of the top suppliers and offering you unbeatable prices, if you are able to find a cheaper price we offer our Beat Rates, where you can submit your cheaper rate to us to beat. DriveAway will offer you the most trustworthy suppliers, at convenient locations for less.

For those who have yet to travel to the USA before, we offer a handy guide to prepare and give you the confidence to drive stress free. This guide contains handy tips and important information you need to know when driving in the USA. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to call us on 1300 363 500 and speak to one of our friendly reservation team members. Alternatively, you can email us on:

Car Hire Portland OR

Portland Portland

The population of Portland is steadily increasing with approximately 650,000. Its tax-free shopping, live indie bands, dozens of cultural attractions and in-city parks makes this city uniquely marvelous city to explore and immerse yourself into. Its breath taking scenery such as Oregon Coast and Columbia River Gorge taking your car hire to these must see attractions is the easiest way.

The International Rose Test Garden, founded in 1917 is the oldest official continuously operated public rose test garden in the United States. The garden has over 650 rose varieties and over 10,000 rose bushes.

If adventure is what you are after, skiing at Mount Hood whether you are a beginner, pro or interested in sightseeing, it is not to be missed. Only a 2 and a half hour drive from Portland, not only the mountain is breathtaking but the drive through the forrest is also a wonderful experience.

Drive down the Columbia River Highway, a 20 mile stretch of US Highway 30 is one of the first American highway built for scenic driving. The Grand Waterfalls and Columbia River views through the lush greenery. Stop along the way for a picnic or stroll and many of the hiking trails along the waterfalls and creeks.

With over 75 breweries or pubs and the Saturday Market held in Chinatown every weekend, street culture, food, arts and crafts, its a great way you can experience the community spirit. Portland loves its Food Carts, what we know as food trucks, where you will find authentic food from all over the world.

Art and culture institutions is a huge part of Portland, the Oregon Symphony and Portland Opera offers a number of events throughout the year. The Portland Center Stage is one of the best regional theatres in the US with huge productions throughout the year.

Escape from the bustling city with the tranquility of the Japanese Garden. Engage in the rich history of Portland at the Pittock Mansion the French Renaissance style architecture of the chateau built back in 1914 from the Pittock family, it is believed the Pittocks spirits still remain in their home, welcoming guests.

No matter your interests, Portland has something for everyone to enjoy. At DriveAway, we have a huge range of car types at great rates.

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Cities (To and From) Distance (Approx. km) Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Portland – Portland Airport 30 20
Portland – Seattle 280 3
Portland – Mount Hood 160 2.5
Portland – Newport 215 2.3

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