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The lovely peninsular old town of Rovinj is centred around the 18th century Baroque Church, St. Euphemia Basilica. Once, the city was situated on an island, but in 1763 the channel that separated it from mainland Croatia was filled in. Terracotta tiled roofs surround the charming historic buildings, shoulder to shoulder, and create the perimeter of the narrow, cobblestone-lined streets. With your rental car in Rovinj, you will have the freedom to take off and explore the Croatian countryside.

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Rovinj Car Hire Rovinj

Discover the wine roads of the Istria Region and the quaint little villages that dot the way. Stop by one of the local wineries to sample the Black and Muscat vintages. The Istrian people are proud of their vineyards, and the same can be said for their fine olive groves. A car rental in Rovinj allows you to soak in picturesque scenery and taste the freshest, wholesome cuisine Croatia has to offer.

In and around Rovinj, there is over 65 km of pristine shoreline that is hugged by the Adriatic Sea. The beaches along Kuvi Bay boast water sports and restaurants, or check out Baluota Beach for evening swimming and various nightly events. Whether you are looking for a fishing excursion or are seeking the perfect spot to layout in a chaise, the sparkling Istrian coast has something to suit everyone's taste.

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