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Seville is one of the tourist hot spots in Spain. It's popular for its ancient heritage, its style and its busy fiesta calendar. Seville was also been named Lonely Planet's Best in Travel top city for 2018.

Built on the banks of the Guadalquivir river, visitors are in the very heart of Andalusian culture and its number one pastime - flamenco music and dance. Every street and square in Seville's historic quarter bursts with energy and passion.

A car hire in Seville will give you the opportunity to explore the culture and style of this beautiful city, as well as explore the nearby regions, including Córdoba, Cádiz and the fascinating southern coast of Spain.

For everything you need to know about driving in Spain and requirements for overseas drivers, take a look at the Spain Driving Tips. page we have created.

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Seville Car Hire Seville

Enjoy the sheer pleasure of being free on your self-drive holiday. Don't stress over time schedules and time limits, with a hire car you can travel through Spain at your own pace. DriveAway offer depots located at Seville Airport or from downtown depots located in the city.

With your car hire in Seville, you will want to visit the old city, with the Cathedral and the Giralda Tower, the Royal Alcázar of Seville, the Santa Cruz quarter and the Triana Bridge over the Guadalquivir River. Your car hire in Seville will also give you the independence and flexibility to explore neighboring Cádiz, Malaga and Portugal.

For the thrill-seekers, drive over to the Isla Mágica which is the theme park in Seville. Hop on and strap yourselves in for an exciting roller-coaster ride or enjoy a theatre show. No matter how old you are, this is the perfect day out!

Cities (To and From) Distance (Approx. km) Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Seville - Madrid 530 5
Seville - Bilbao 900 8
Seville - Malaga 200 2.5

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