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Slovakia is an enchanting country filled with castles, palaces and historical ruins and is best travelled in your very own car hire. Slovakia has something for everyone with countless Baroque towns, nine national parks, heaps of intriguing caves and just outside the city you can still find traditional villages.

A car hire offers an amazing self-drive holiday along numerous scenic routes. Your car hire can help you explore the Western Slovakia which has a beautiful landscape of rolling hills and valleys, Central Slovakia has a scene of medieval features and national parks and Eastern Slovakia offers gigantic mountains and castles. Whatever you seek on your holiday, you will find it here in Slovakia.

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Slovakia Car Hire Slovakia

Slovakia is located in central Europe surrounded by the Czech Republic, Hungary and Ukraine. With a hire car you will be able to travel with ease to Vienna, Austria, located just 80 kilometres from Slovakia’s capital city, Bratislava. A self drive holiday in your car hire is the best way to discover the hidden gems of Slovakia.

The obvious choice of where to start is at the capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava which is located in Western Slovakia. You can collect your hire car from the Bratislava airport or numerous downtown offices located in the city centre. Bratislava is the heart of arts and culture with many historical attractions placed along the scenic backdrop of mountains. Immerse yourself amongst the 1000 year old history and discover a world of grand castles, medieval towns, museums and sweet parks and the Danube River which is shared by Vienna. A great way to check out the cities contrasts is from the Danube river bridge, from here you can see the distinction between the old and the new city and the numerous castles located throughout this city.

The Mala Fatra National Park is flow of mountains surrounding the Vratna Valley. The National Park consists of wonderful varied sceneries from mountain peaks, canyons, crystal caves to the alpine meadows. Check out the Strecno Castle which overlooks the Vah River and make sure you see around the local village of Terchova. This National Park has wonderful trails, ski lifts or cable cars to offers great hiking paths in the summer, and awesome ski slopes in winter.

Don't miss out on a day of fun at the Poprad town located alongside a river and surrounded by mountains. This city has a historical core and a wonderful landscape which holds together a charming town and its famous Aquacity Waterpark. After all the sightseeing Slovakia has to offer, it will be time to seek some relaxations. In Poprad you can enjoy the natural geo thermal energy from the underground lake, Jacuzzi, ice crusade or take a splash around in the thrilling waterslides.

Cities (To and From) Distance ( Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Bratislava - Banska Bystrica 200 2
Bratislava - Poprad 330 4
Bratislava - Zilina 200 2