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Every year, millions of visitors flock to South and Central America, for their bustling cities, pristine rainforests and commanding natural beauty. These hugely varied regions have history and culture in bucket loads.

South America has a unique mix of African, Indian, European and native indigenous people, giving this continent its unique flavour. Central America is a thin strip of tropical countries that join North and South America, close to the Caribbean Island Nations including Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados.

A hire car will give you the freedom to travel within each country of South and Central America at your leisure, where you can take in the glamour of its beautiful cities, the stunning beaches, volcanoes, unique wildlife as well as alpine glaciers, to name just a few.

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South America Car Hire South America

A car hire in South America will help you explore all that this incredibly diverse region has to offer. Discover the history of the Inca civilization along the Andes in Chile, Peru, and Bolivia. Visit the Amazon basin, the 1.2 billion acres of pure rainforest and home to the mighty Amazon River. Collect your hire car in Montevideo and explore the wondrous delights of Uruguay. See the beautiful capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, one of the world’s most graceful cities.

Hire a car in Venezuela and see the magnificent Angel Falls. You can party with the locals in Brazil, the country best known for its beaches, lush jungles and surreal lifestyle, and is home to the famous Cristo Redentor, the 38m high statue of Christ, overlooking Rio de Janeiro. South America has a host of attractions, all waiting to be discovered on you self-drive holiday!

Hire a car in Central America and discover the delights of this magnificent region. Enjoy the peaceful and tropical country of Costa Rica, which even for its small size, attracts thousands of visitors every year. Collect a car rental in San Jose and explore the fantastic wilderness between the jungle and the ocean. Make the most of a rental car in Mexico by seeing Mexico City and the world class beach resorts.

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