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A delightful place to visit, Sweden is both culturally and physically captivating, and a hire car in Sweden with DriveAway provides the complete freedom and flexibility to drive throughout cities and regional areas of Sweden which also allows you the independence to explore off the beaten track.

With our competitive rates and our round the clock service, book online with the car hire specialists, DriveAway for your Swedish car hire. From the bustling capital of Stockholm to the chilling alpine peaks in Northern Sweden, create your own self-drive tour that is unique to you, so you can enjoy every part of your trip through Sweden, without those strict costly itineraries.

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Sweden is the largest of the Nordic countries, and the different regions of the country all have something unique to offer. The capital of Sweden is Stockholm, a world-class city with an atmosphere all of its own. Built over 700 years ago across the shores and islands of the Baltic Sea, Stockholm is a picturesque city, to say the least. This is a great place to start your driving holiday in Sweden, and you can collect your hire car at the airport or a downtown depot. A definite must-see is the Ice Bar in Stockholm where the bar is made of ice from floor to ceiling; even the glasses are made entirely of ice! Visby is another must see which is home to some amazing relics including over 40 towers and ruins left behind by the medieval Hanseatic rulers.

South of Stockholm, you will find the region of Gotaland, which is where the majority of people and cities are found. Warmer than the north, this area features lots of seaside holiday spots, popular with both Swedish and visitors from around the world. Here instead of mountains you will see rolling hills, and the cities of Malmo, Lund, and Gothenburg are particularly worth a visit.

In the northern parts of Sweden, you will find some of the largest undeveloped natural areas in Europe. Made up of snow-capped mountains, glaciers, stunning lakes, pine forests and snowfields, this is a part of Europe few people get to see.

Cities (To and From) Distance (Approx. km) Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Stockholm - Gothenburg 466 5
Gothenburg - Malmö 273 3
Uppsala - Stockholm 70 1

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