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The bustling capital city of Japan, Tokyo, is a favoured destination when travelling through Asia. Home to museums, temples, gardens, monuments, traditional history and entertainment, you will never be short of things to see and experience in this astounding city. Japan’s four distinct seasons mean you can travel to Tokyo four times in a year and experience something new each time! Spring is the most popular season thanks to the popular cherry blossom. In Tokyo view these cherry blossoms in Chidorigafuchi or along the Sumida River.

Autumn means beautiful red leaves fall from the trees, a perfect option for hiking in Okutama and taking a stroll through the Kiyosumi Gardens. Summer is the festival season with fireworks lighting up the night time sky and the streets come to life with parades and festivals. Winter is a chilly time, where the streets are decorated with Christmas decorations and lights and the hot springs of Onsen are a perfect way to warm up.

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Driving in Tokyo is simple, although busy like most major capital cities, parking is sufficient and simple at most locations. Marvel in the wonderful piece of Japanese technology, as you see your hire car be whizzed away in the elevator parking lots!

The stunning Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is a beautiful park which allows you to escape the bustling city. Cherry blossoms can be found in April or take a wander through the elegant gardens. The Senso-ji Temple is an ancient Buddhist temple, Tokyo’s oldest, and is a colourful and touching tribute to Buddhist culture in Japan. The Tokyo National Museum gives a snapshot of Japanese history or the Asakusa district is home to the stunning Geisha, where ancient Japanese culture comes to life.

Drive your hire car to Mount Fuji, located a 2 ½ hour drive from Tokyo. Gasp at the soaring heights of Japan’s largest mountain from the Fuji Five Lake region which lies at the northern base of the mountain. Dotted with hot springs, museums and plenty of space for a picnic and hiking, it is a perfect day trip from Tokyo. One of Japan’s most popular amusement parks can be found there, the Fuji Q Highland, which has record-breaking roller coasters.

Don’t let the crowded public transport system hold you back, book a hire car and discover this amazing city at your own pace. From a small compact car for a couple to a spacious SUV for a family trip, DriveAway has you covered with your Tokyo car rental needs.

Cities (To and From) Distance (Approx. km) Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Tokyo to Kyoto 498 6
Tokyo to Sendai 366 4.25
Tokyo to Osaka 501 7

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