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Situated in both the Middle East and Europe, detach yourself from reality and visit wonders that will captivate you with a hire car in Turkey. Due to its location, Turkey features European and Middle Eastern culture. A hire car allows you to travel anywhere you desire and feel the freedom instantly. Isolate the problems of travelling point to point on public transport or needing to rely on a taxi, by driving yourself! 

Turkey is famous for its mosques, around 28 693 to be exact! Turkey is also home to a plethora of cuisines, bursting with unique flavours that consist of a variety of spices. The locals are known for their welcoming and warming hospitality and you will be bound to make new friendships. Australians and New Zealanders alike can find an important piece of history in Gallipoli, a historic and moving place for many.

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Partake in a once in a lifetime driving experience and discover the captivating sights in Turkey and the three most known cities of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.

Start your self-drive journey in Ankara. Visit Ankara Castle, that was once controlled by the Roman Empire. Dating back to 1073, the exact date of construction is unknown however this castle holds a large amount of history. From Ankara you can make a 5-hour drive to the north-western Turkish city of Istanbul. This capital city is a historical centre with mosques and Islamic inspired architecture, engaging markets and bazaars. It is a true delight for the eyes! With an emerging sub-culture of fashionable bars, clubs and restaurants, Istanbul is in vogue with the hippest Europeans! The Sultan Ahmed or Blue Mosque should not be missed and is a stunning focal point of the city.

Leaving Istanbul take a four hour drive for something less fast-paced. A drive down to the historical sites of Troy and the Gallipoli Peninsula with your hire car, both home to amazing feats of human triumph and failure. An approximate six-hour drive, depart Gallipoli Peninsula and head into Izmir. Experience a new city and a new variety of food and nightlife this exciting city provides for you.

Turkey has some beautiful coastlines and is known also for its vast mountain sports including hiking. Turkey is jam-packed with everything any traveller could wish for so check it out on your next holiday!

Cities (To and From) Distance (Approx. km) Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Istanbul to Ankara 450 5.25
Ankara to Izmir 584 7
Istanbul to Bursa 154 2

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