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Wales is a country rich in natural beauty and history. Its living Celtic culture is unique and you can still hear Welsh spoken throughout much of the country. Magic and folklore are central to Wales and you can see this on their green and white flag with an emblazoned red dragon.

There are over 600 castles in Wales, 100 of which are still standing! The others are mostly in ruins or have had nature reclaim them. The Welsh are also crazy about their sport and follow their rugby team passionately - often having light banter with their other United Kingdom neighbours.

Wales is just one part of the United Kingdom - go further and drive the rugged charm of Scotland, the lush hills of Northern Ireland or the deep history of England.

Experience Wales

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There’s so much to see in Wales, a land overflowing with castles, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and National Parks. You have to visit Snowdonia, a remarkable mountain region with lakes, glacial landforms and rolling hills – perfect for a drive or hike!

With great castles across Wales, these are some top picks:

  • Conwy Castle
  • Powis Castle and Garden
  • Kidwelly Castle

Wales has a great nightlife scene in Cardiff, which is also the country’s capital and 11th largest city in the UK. Another city is Holyhead, known for being a popular Irish ferry port into the UK.

Cities (To and From) Distance ( Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Cardiff to Swansea 66 1
Cardiff to Snowdonia 231 3
Cardiff to Holyhead 321 4.5

Top Locations for Car Hire in Wales

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