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Child Safety Seats & Restraints

Child in Safety Seat

Every parent must consider the safety of their child when travelling by car, as it's important that your child has the safest journey possible when embarking on a self-drive holiday. Although most car hire agencies offer car seats for rent, DriveAway recommends bringing your own wherever possible, whether traveling domestically or internationally. This avoids issues with seat availability and quality from the rental car agency. However, please note that an Australian or New Zealand car seat may not meet local safety laws of the country you are visiting, so make sure to research before you leave.

If you intend to rent a car seat, please make sure to request the car seat in advance and specify the type of car seat needed (infant, regular, booster) as well as the age of the child. Due to liability issues, staff at the depot are not permitted to install child safety seats into vehicles for customers. It must be installed properly by an adult once you pick up the vehicle, and all straps must also be adjusted to the correct fitting size of the child. They are usually charged on a per seat, per day basis and paid at the time of collection in local currency.

Legal Requirements

Car seat safety standards and guidelines are very strict in Australia, USA, UK and Europe. For more information about Child Seat Safety Laws in the country you are visiting, visit our driving tips pages, download our online driving guides or view the links below:

Don't forget!

For your child's safety, please remember these key tips:

  1. Carefully review both the child restraint and vehicle operating instructions before leaving depot.

  2. Always get a tight fit - the restraint should not move more than one inch from side to side or front to back.

  3. Make sure that the harness straps and clip are positioned and secured appropriately.

  4. Set the example - make sure all passengers in the vehicle wear a seatbealt at all times!

Please be aware that this information should be used as a guide only, if you have any further questions please visit the website of the local authorities. All information is correct at time of print & subject to change without notice.