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Sydney Harbour Bridge Driving Tolls in Australia

Like in most other parts of the world, Australia has a number of road sections which attract a fee for use. When you are driving a rental car it is your responsibility to ensure that you pay the appropriate toll. These are various motorways, bridges and tunnels, mainly found in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane which incur toll charges, which are clearly marked as drivers approach the entrance.

What tolls need to be paid?

There are two different types of tolls commonly found in Australia, one being a standard one off fee for using a section of road, such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the other being a distance based system, where a series of check points or toll booths are found at regular points on a motorway and tolls are based on the distance traveled.

Since July 2013, all Australian toll roads are electronic and do not accept cash payment. When approaching a motorway, freeway, tunnel or other major road, keep an eye out for signs indicating the road as a toll road. In Victoria, toll roads are marked with blue signage and gold lettering. In New South Wales and Queensland, toll roads are marked on signs as such and a red e/E on a yellow background to indicate electronic tolling.

Will I need an electronic tag (E-Tag)?

If you are planning to drive on any roads which have a toll, then yes, you will require an E-Tag.

DriveAway suggests asking at time of booking for the tolling information applicable to your rental. Some suppliers include electronic tolling devices as standard in their cars. They will charge you a small daily administration charge for using the toll.

If you would like to use your own e-tag device please check with the car rental provider if this is possible. It may not be possible to remove the device from the hire car, meaning a double charge.

If you don’t have a car fitted with an electronic tolling device and you pass a tolling point you can pay online within 24 hours. If you do not, the car rental provider will receive the toll notice, charge your credit card plus an administration fee.

Helpful Information for Tolls in Australia

Toll Signs in Australia

Further information regarding the toll policies of individual suppliers can be found in the booking engine under the inclusions and exclusions section of each vehicle.

Information correct at time of issue. Please contact DriveAway or the relevant local roads authority for the most up to date information. Updated August 2016