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Looking for a self-drive holiday with total freedom and flexibility? A motorhome rental is just what you need! Create your own itinerary using our helpful travel links which provides you with some of the best campsites around the globe.

Here at DriveAway, we partner with reputable suppliers to offer motorhome, RV and campervan rental from over 100 locations worldwide. Once we receive your enquiry, our team of specialists will search and compare the right motorhome to bring you the best option possible for your needs. Our quotes come with no obligation, and we will ensure that you are 100% satisfied before you book - that's the DriveAway difference! Have any questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or Customer Assistance Guide for up to date information.

Are there other motorhome terms you aren't familiar with? Our glossary should assist you with all those new motorhome and campervan terms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a valid non-provisional drivers license. Generally the minimum age to hire a motorhome is 21 years. Depending on the motorhome supplier there may be a surcharge for drivers aged 21-25. Generally, the maximum age is 75 however, this depends on each suppliers policy. In the UK, ages of 70 and 75 require additional paperwork to be filled. Additional insurance and charges may apply.

A full, valid non-provisional drivers license is fine for driving the majority of vehicles with the exception of a couple of countries in Europe. An International Drivers Licence is required in most countries.

Insurance excess/vehicle liability and excess reduction/liability reduction amounts vary depending on the motorhome company, product booked, country and sometimes location. An excess reduction/liability reduction is not common in countries other than Australia and New Zealand. Check your quote and confirmation for full terms and conditions.

Yes, it is usually the insurance excess/vehicle liability amount or the excess reduction/liability reduction amount frozen/debited on your credit card (some companies authorise, freeze or debit the amount).

  • Britain - You may drive throughout mainland Britain and Northern Ireland. Most vehicles can be taken to Republic of Ireland or Europe. Some conditions and supplements apply.
  • Ireland - Vehicles rented in Ireland may be driven within Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. One way rentals are possible between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. Some conditions and supplements apply.
  • Europe - Depending on the motorhome / campervan company you may drive your car throughout mainland Western Europe. Vehicles should be returned to the renting location country or a one way fee will apply. If the return location is changed once the vehicle is collected, a surcharge locally will apply. Generally motorhome / campervans are NOT permitted into Eastern European countries. Contact DriveAway for full details.
  • USA/Canada - Vehicles collected in USA/Canada are not permitted to travel one-way internationally. Conditions apply. Restrictions also apply for travel to Death Valley during certain months and The Burning Man Festival.
  • Australia - Travel restrictions apply in Australia, depending on motorhome / campervan type and supplier. Contact DriveAway for full details.
  • New Zealand - Depending on the supplier one way rentals are available between the North and South Island. Contact DriveAway for full details.

As there are different laws in different countries, we do not recommend free camping. For safety and security we recommend that you stay in campgrounds. Not only do you get to use the facilities it's also a fantastic opportunity to meet fellow travellers. When you collect your motorhome / campervan you will be given campground information from the supplier. Campground Information can be found here.

For most motorhome rentals, a $500 + 20% cancellation fee may apply if cancelled 9 weeks prior to pick up. Cancellation less than 9 weeks may result in a 100% cancellation fee, depending on the supplier. DriveAway will advise the cancellation policy for your reservation when you book.

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