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Motorhome Rental Customer Assistance Guide

Collecting your Motorhome / Campervan -

  • Most motorhome / campervan supplier’s location are off airport locations - check your transfer arrangements before your departure.
  • If travelling on a long haul international flight we highly recommend that you collect you motorhome the next day. It is mandatory in the US to stay a night prior to collecting your motorhome.
  • Present your DriveAway voucher, a full valid driver’s licence (provisional licences are not accepted), a credit card for the security bond and in some cases, your passport. International Driving Licences are compulsory in many countries; refer to the International Driving Permits (IDP) page on our website for further details.
  • The motorhome / campervan rental company will prepare a Rental Agreement (RA) and your voucher will be credited to the (RA).
  • Check your voucher as to what is included. It is likely some additional charges not covered by the voucher will apply.
  • It’s important you fully understand any of the charges shown on the (RA). Once you have signed and initialled your acceptance on the (RA), the charges will be debited from your credit card, and are non-refundable. Follow this link for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about motorhomes.

Insurance Excess Terms -

  • Rentals include Collision Damage Waiver Insurance (CDW), Third Party Liability and Theft Protection (TP).
  • An Excess is usually applicable in the event of any accident or theft to the rental vehicle, regardless of fault. The excess amount varies between countries and motorhome / campervan suppliers.
  • The following items are not covered by insurance for your rental - For full terms and conditions consult your supplier’s (RA) at the time of collection: Damage to the underbody, roof and overhead of the motorhome / campervan, Damage to any glass (including side mirrors and windscreen), Damage to tyres, Damage to the awning (if fitted), Damage to the slide out (if fitted), Damage cause due to a single vehicle roll over, Lost keys.
  • Additional liability cover offered by the motorhome / campervan rental company is optional.
  • Many travellers have Travel Insurance to cover the excess applied in the event of an accident or theft. Some insurance companies may not cover the Excess unless you also take out the Liability Reduction Insurance offered by the motorhome /campervan rental company. Please check the conditions on your Travel Insurance policy.

Excess Reduction Insurance -

  • Before you travel - DriveAway offers inclusive prepaid rates for most motorhome / campervan suppliers which include excess reduction. Check with DriveAway for costings.
  • At the point of collection - you may be able to upgrade your motorhome / campervan insurance or reduce your obligation for the Excess; you may be able to purchase Excess Reduction cover directly with the motorhome / campervan rental company at an additional cost. When signed for, these are non-refundable. If you are sure you are adequately covered by your Travel Insurance you can DECLINE this additional cover on the Rental Agreement (RA). Please make this clear to the Rental Agent.

Security Deposit / Bond -

  • Motorhome and Campervan Rental Companies will require a security deposit / bond at the time of collection. This security deposit / bond amount will vary and will generally equate to the value of the excess liability.
  • Suppliers will only accept a valid credit card for the security deposit / bond.
  • The deposit is debited from your credit card at the time of collection and it’s important to have sufficient funds available. This may affect the credit available on your credit card for several days after the motorhome / campervan has been returned.
  • Some suppliers may also charge a credit card surcharge on the security deposit / bond amount and therefore the Credit Card Holder will need to be present at the time of collection.
  • Cash, Debit Cards, Travelex or pre-paid credit cards are not accepted as payment for the security deposit / bond.

Pre-Paid Fuel Option -

  • Most motorhome /campervan rental companies provide a full tank of fuel and will charge you for refuelling the vehicle if it is not returned with a full tank.
  • By accepting the pre-paid fuel option you are agreeing to pay a pre-determined price for fuel regardless of whether you return the vehicle with a full, partially full or empty tank. This alleviates the need to search for a petrol station just prior to return, but there is no refund for any fuel remaining in the tank. If accepted, the amount to be charged will be printed on your Rental Agreement (RA).

Accidents -

  • In the event of an accident or theft, please report it immediately to the motorhome / campervan rental company. Refer to your Rental Agreement (RA) for the 24 hour assistance phone number.
  • In all cases obtain registration plates and licence details as well as names and addresses of those involved in the accident. The information should be passed onto the motorhome / campervan rental company and a copy kept for your own records. A police report may also be required.

Winter Tyres - In some European countries it is a requirement by law during the winter months (November-March) that all vehicles are equipped with winter tyres. In USA and Canada, special instructions apply as your vehicle will be winterized (e.g. frozen pipes), due to subfreezing temperatures. Vehicles nay be de-winterized for a fee. Refer to the Terms & Conditions on your voucher or contact DriveAway for further details.

Unused Days - Once the rental has commenced, there is no refund for unused rental days or if the car is returned earlier than booked. Note: Motorhome / Campervan rental staff are NOT authorised to amend this contractual condition. We strongly recommend you are covered by adequate Travel Insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Terms & Conditions - For general conditions, cancellations and no-show fees, view the Terms and Conditions here or the DriveAway brochure. Conditions apply.

Last updated 31 July 2019. All information is correct at time of print & subject to change without notice.

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