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Road Bear: Type L

Motorhome Specifications: Type L, 2+2 Berth Motorhome

2 adults + 2 children
4 adults
Ford V6 Transit or similar
95 litres
✓ (2)
✓ (2)
143 litres
106 litres
2 stove gas burner + Microwave
L 20-23ft x W 2.42m x H 3.65m
L 21-23ft x W 2.42m x H 3.65m
TV/DVD Player, AM/FM Radio CD Player & USB, Cruise Control, Awning, Camping Table

Please Note: Vehicle specifications in the above table are subject to change without notice & may vary due to modifications &/or upgrades. DriveAway or the motorhome supplier cannot be held liable for any such variance. Vehicles cannot be requested by make or model, only by vehicle type.

Motorhome Locations

Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco.

Available Dallas - drop off only.

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