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One Way Rentals between the UK & Ireland

When travelling between mainland UK and the Republic of Ireland on a driving holiday, you can either use a separate rental in each country, or use the same car and take it across on the ferry.

Collecting in mainland UK, travelling into Ireland, and returning to UK:

Many suppliers do allow this, however fees and conditions usually apply. These fees are based on extra insurance and roadside assistance cover which you will need, and vary from approximately GPB50 + tax for short periods and can reach above GBP150 + tax for longer rentals.

Another important thing to consider is that most rental companies do NOT have insurance covering cars while they are on a ferry, so if any damage were to happen to the hire car while on the ferry between the two countries, the renter will be liable for any costs.

Beginning your trip on mainland UK and Ending in the Republic of Ireland:

A one way rental between the UK and Ireland can be requested with several suppliers, however the international one way fees can be quite expensive, with some suppliers charging up to GBP500 + tax, depending on the size and category of the rental car.

Once again, the period in which the car is on the ferry is usually not covered by insurance, and often the extra insurance costs which are associated with driving in Ireland may apply in addition.

Starting in Ireland:

Although some of the suppliers are the same as in mainland UK, rules are often different if a rental is collected in the Republic of Ireland. Most suppliers do not allow one ways to the mainland UK, and a special request must be made at time of booking in order to find out the fees and obtain permission to take the vehicle over. Driving into Northern Ireland is usually allowed, however this too needs to be advised, and extra insurance often applies.

All in all, the ultimate deciding factors for you will be cost vs. convenience, and of course, if a one way rental or a return trip across the Irish Sea is allowed by suppliers.

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This information is to be used as a general guide only as terms and conditions vary between each supplier. Contact DriveAway for full terms and conditions. Last updated: 07 Mar 19