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Petrol Cars vs Diesel Cars

With the wide variety of car sizes, transmissions, and fuel types to choose from these days, it can take a bit of thought in deciding which kind is the best for your trip. Size and transmission can be fairly easy decisions to make based on the number of trevellers and the driver’s ability or preference over automatic or manual transmission.

Fuel type though, more specifically the choice between diesel and petrol cars, is one which many people don’t consider, or simply don’t understand enough about. The important things to consider are of course what factors which will affect the amount of money spent on fuel throughout the trip.

Petrol Cars

Diesel Cars

Can Fuel Type be Guaranteed?

While car rental companies unfortunately do not usually guarantee what kind of fuel type your rental car will be, DriveAway can always make a request, with depot staff doing the best to provide a vehicle with the fuel type requested. With Euro-Leasing, car categories do specify fuel type, so here, you can guarantee your choice of a petrol or diesel run car.

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