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Petrol Prices in Europe

With fuel prices varying greatly throughout the world, it’s always handy to know when and where to fill up to get the best value.

If you are planning a driving holiday in Europe, especially a trip involving driving through several countries, save on costs by keeping an eye on which countries have cheaper fuel prices.

What effects fuel prices?

The price of fuel in each country is generally effected by three things. Firstly, the global price of crude oil, the strength of that country’s currency, and the taxes added by the local government. Fuel tax amounts can vary greatly in Europe, with each country setting their own levels, and it’s important for you to know about the differences.

Petrol Prices in Europe

Currently, the highest fuel prices in Europe are found in countries including Norway, Belgium, Iceland, Italy, Greece and Portugal, with the cost per litre ranging from around €1.49 to €1.70 per litre. In Australian dollars, this equates to approximately $2.36 to $2.69 per litre.

The lowest fuel prices at the moment are found in Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Poland, Cyprus and Hungary, with all coming in below €1.12, or $1.77 AUD per litre.

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