Explore Europe in a Brand New Peugeot

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Important Information: User Guides and more

It is important to note that the vehicle guide in your Peugeot lease car will be in French regardless of your pick up location. We provide copies of all guides in English below which we suggest to save and download to a iPad/tablet or print and take with you. Happy driving in your brand new Peugeot!

Delivery/Collection Information & Maps

Delivery and Return Locations In France Delivery and Return Locations Outside France

Peugeot Travel Book

You will receive this booklet on collection of your Peugeot, however, we strongly recommend you read through the Peugeot Travel Book prior to leaving Australia so you are familiar with its contents. It includes detailed information on insurance, your vehicle return procedures, where you can travel with a lease vehicle, what to do in case of breakdown, accident, theft or vandalism of your Peugeot and roadside assistance information and procedures and important information about Portugal and Switzerland.

Customer Assistance Guide

Find out important information required about your Peugeot Lease by using our assistance guide. It includes delivery and returning procedures, breakdown advice and frequently asked questions about the Peugeot Open Europe Leasing policies.

Winterised Vehicles with Grip Control

All vehicles are fitted with standard tyres prior to leaving the factory. During the European winter, Peugeot Open Europe will make available certain models that have Grip Control included in the vehicle's specifications. Grip Control is essentially an anti-skid enhancement added to the vehicle so the driver can safely drive in specific conditions, such as mud and snow. If you have booked a winterised vehicle, 'Mud & Snow Tyres with Grip Control' will be fitted prior to collection. It is recommended you read the Grip Control manual before you collect your Peugeot vehicle.

Peugeot Buy Back Program

For those clients relocating to France, the Peugeot Open Europe program offers a Buy Back Program for clients who wish to purchase their Peugeot vehicle at a great price. It's a smart choice! For more information and conditions, read here.