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France: Toulouse Airport

Car-2-Europe Peugeot

Delivery and Return Instructions

Attention: Pick-ups and drop-offs are only available upon presentation of flight details or with an appointment confirmed 4 working days in advance.

Pick-up: As soon as you arrive, contact BTV using the number from a public phone available at the information desk or from your mobile phone. The representative will take your call and will pick you up in the Car-2-Europe Peugeot shuttle bus in front of Exit D1 of Terminal D.

Drop-off: Return your vehicle to the address listed below. A Car-2-Europe Peugeot shuttle will take you to the airport.

Directions to the Location

By Car: from Toulouse, take highway A621 and then departmental road D902 towards the Airport, then follow the parking P6 signs. The entrance of Blanc Transport Véhicles (BTV) is located on the left before the entrance of parking lot P6.

Toulouse Car Leasing Car Leasing in France

Location Details

Blanc Transport Vehicles (BTV)
Ecoparc P6 – 31700 Blagnac

Hours of Operation:

Hours for Appointments: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

Telephone Numbers:

Click the link to download the PDF location guide: Toulouse Airport Map

All details are subject to change without notice. Please note: All toll free numbers provided here will incur standard mobile charges if dialled from a mobile phone.