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Accessories: Snow Chains

All vehicles are fitted with a regular-purpose tyre prior to leaving the Peugeot factory and comply with French standards.

The snow chains are a safety item and are delivered in a case which can be installed easily. The product includes an assembly instruction card and a pair of protective gloves for assembly.

It is vital that you check the tension of the chains after a short journey, and to re-tension them if necessary. Immediately replace any chain links that are worn, as a rupture could cause serious damage to the vehicle.

Peugeot Model Price (EUR)
208 Manual Traditional Chains EUR72
2008 Automatic Traditional Chains EUR100
2008 Non-Slip Chains EUR165
308 Automatic Traditional Chains EUR91
308 Non-Slip Chains EUR130
308SW Automatic Traditional Chains EUR91
308SW Non-Slip Chains EUR130
3008 Automatic Traditional Chains EUR100
3008 Non-Slip Chains EUR175
5008 Automatic Traditional Chains EUR100
5008 Non-Slip Chains EUR175
508 Front Chains EUR405
508SW Front Chains EUR405
Rifter EUR165

Overview of Snow Chains

Snow Chains with Peugeot

Description: Set of crosslinked snow chains, in their own carrying case.
Technical Characteristics: Composition: 1 pair of snow chains, fitting instructions, 1 pair of protective gloves for wearing during fitting, 1 mat, all the above delivered in a carrying case. Crosslinked: Yes, static dimension: 9mm.
Installation: Fitting instructions are on the reverse of the case, visible prior to opening.
Condition of Use: Drive at 50km/h maximum.

Last updated: 02 November 2021. All items are prepaid and supplied new at time of collection. All details are subject to change without notice.