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Renault Eurodrive Terms and Conditions


Who we are: DAH Holdings Pty Ltd - Part of the Auto Europe LLC Group - ABN 67 107 041 912 ("DriveAway") is a member of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents Limited (AFTA), and is an ATAS Accredited Travel Agent A11440

Application: These terms and conditions apply to any contract made between DriveAway and any person (referred to as the "Customer") purchasing goods or services referred to online from DriveAway.

Prices: All prices displayed are correct at time of issue date and are subject to currency fluctuations and change without notice. All prices are in AUD$.

Rates Do Not Include: Additional fuel or oil, tolls, highway stickers, fines or penalties due to traffic violations, loss or theft of vehicle keys and transponder card, theft of personal belongings inside the vehicle, equipment and delivery & return fees outside of France.

How To Book: Contact your licenced travel agent, visit our website or call DriveAway on 1300 363 500.

Bookings: Late bookings are not guaranteed. For bookings within 6 weeks of delivery, all lease forms, payment, and necessary documentation are required immediately. Late return of lease forms may delay delivery of your vehicle.

Payment: Where bookings are made by credit card, a 2% surcharge will be charged on the total amount. DriveAway requires final Payment to be due as per your booking invoice. Late return of lease forms may delay the delivery of your vehicle. For bookings within six weeks of collection, please contact our office. Late bookings are not guaranteed.

Invoices: An invoice is sent upon confirmation of your reservation outlining all aspects of products booked.

Lease Forms: It is essential that original lease forms, together with a photocopy of the registered driver's passport are returned at least 8 weeks prior to the delivery of your Renault. You must not reside in the EU (European Union) and you must have been in Australia for more than 6 months. Late return of these documents will delay delivery of your vehicle.

Travel Documents: Once payment is received and the original lease forms returned, travel documents will be issued 30 days prior to collection. Please note that vouchers are accountable documents and serve as exchange vouchers for products you have booked. Non-presentation of your voucher may result in charges being applied locally.

Amendments: Supplier levied amendment fees apply within 21 days of collection, including name changes EUR150, and change of delivery location between EUR300-600 depending on the location. No amendments are permitted once the vehicle has been registered. For further information please contact DriveAway.

Cancellations: If a booking is cancelled after the confirmed collection date or is a 'non-collection, a AUD500 cancellation fee + EUR800 supplier levy fee will apply.

Refunds: No refund for unused days or early return of the Renault vehicle. If you return your Renault vehicle to a different depot than booked and paid for there will be no refund. DriveAway does not authorise the employees of Renault to promise refunds to clients. Renault cancellation fees may apply.

Additional drivers:

There is no charge for an additional driver however the following restrictions apply:

1. Immediate family members may drive the vehicle; however, under no circumstance can they take the vehicle across any borders.

2. Immediate family members are spouse/partner, direct descendants, and ascendants of the registered driver.

3. The term ‘spouse’ is understood in the broadest sense and may apply to a cohabiting partner or civil partner, if proof of this relation is provided.

4. All additional drivers must comply with all eligibility requirements of the lease.apply.


Eligibility: Renault Eurodrive customers eligible for a tax free vehicle with special temporary plates for a maximum of six months include:

1. Tourists, who regardless of their nationality,

2. European citizens residing outside the EU who fit the conditions above and who can obtain proof of their intention to return to their employment at the end of the stay in the EU.

3. People on temporary assignment in the EU, such as professors and journalists - under certain conditions. Consult Renault Eurodrive for details.

Under French customs law, only the registered owner of the car, direct ascendants, descendants or spouses may drive the car. This law has no effect on the vehicle insurance, which covers all drivers regardless of the relationship to the registered owner.

Health and Immigration: Please ensure you comply with all passport, visa and health requirements necessary for the countries you wish to visit. DriveAway is not responsible for advertising on passport, visa, or health requirements. Your travel agent, doctor or local embassy/consulate will be able to advise you.

Travel Insurance: We strongly recommend you take out suitable travel insurance cover. This can be arranged through your travel agent.

Vehicle: Renault vehicles are left hand drive. The definition and/or specifications of the Renault vehicles displayed online are subject to change without notice.

Images: DriveAway reserves the right to modify the versions, equipment and prices offered online without prior notice and to provide a similar or superior vehicle to that booked. Photographs shown are not contractual. Some model options shown may not be available.

Duration: Minimum lease period is 21 days. Mini-Leases are available for 14-20 days. Maximum 170 days, with the following exceptions: Milan, Brest, Amsterdam, Madrid, Santiago, Vigo, Barcelona, Lisbon, Porto, Rome: 165 days. Munich: 155 days. Days are calculated on calendar days, not 24 hour periods.

Age Limit: Minimum age: 18 years with a full Australian driver’s licence (provisional licence is not accepted). Maximum age: No limit.

Driver Qualifications: All drivers must hold a full valid driver’s licence with a clean driving record for a minimum of one year. A learner or provisional licence is not accepted. An international driving licence is required for many countries. For a full list of countries, go to click here or ask at the time of booking.

Fuel: All vehicles, delivered outside Paris centre, will be supplied with 10 litres of fuel. You are not required to return vehicle with a full tank of fuel.

Optional Accessories: Optional accessories such as child seats and roof bars are available at an additional cost and must be pre-booked and prepaid in Australian Dollars prior to departing Australia. Please note that accessories are sold to the customer, not rented. Details are available on request.

Tyres: A tyre repair kit is provided with selected models, depending on production. All other vehicles come with a spare tyre. All vehicles are fitted with standard tyres prior to leaving the Renault factory. Standard tyres are not suitable for all winter conditions and during certain periods of the year. In some countries it is a requirement by law that all vehicles are equipped with winter tyres between November and March. Renault does not lease or sell snow ‘winter’ tyres. It is the client’s responsibility to purchase appropriate ‘winter tyres’ whilst overseas and have them fitted and removed at an authorised Renault dealer. Failure to remove 'winter tyres' may result in additional costs for their removal. Mud and Snow Tyres with Grip Control can be requested on certain models, contact DriveAway for full details. Snow chains can be purchased locally from a service station, however they are not suitable for highway driving.

Vehicle Service: Please refer to the service book provided with your car for the full servicing requirements. A service is required at 20,000kms for petrol models and 30,000kms for diesel models. The full servicing cost of the vehicle is at the driver's own expense.

Vehicle Insurance: Your vehicle is covered by comprehensive insurance, which cover accidental damage, vandalism, fire, theft and liability for all occupants up to the seating capacity of the vehicle plus legal defence appeals. There are no deductible excess of collision damage waiver costs. Baggage and personal effects are not covered by insurance. The leased vehicle is insured for the contracted holder and immediate family members including spouse/partner, direct descendants and ascendants of the registered driver and that he/she has a current unrestricted drivers licence valid in the country in which they are driving.

Vehicle Breakdown: Please note, if your Renault Lease vehicle is delayed or incurs a mechanical breakdown, Renault Assistance, will under the terms of the Assistance cover and assessment of the incident, provide accommodation to the value of 60 Euros per night or a rental car to use to a maximum amount of 915 Euros, until your vehicle is repaired. Please note this must be arranged in association with Renault Assistance. Once you vehicle has been repaired, you must return to the initial place of the delay to collect your vehicle. Full terms of the assistance offer is provided with your travel documentation and additional information may be obtained from our office.

Collection of Car: Documentation Required: 1. Passport; 2. Copy of Eurodrive Order Form.

Insurance documents will be issued upon delivery of the vehicle. All vehicles are supplied left hand drive and fitted with standard tyres.

Pick up & Drop Off Procedure: Deliveries and returns within France are free, however charges are applicable to other European cities. Please contact our office for full depot details. The return of a vehicle to a centre other than that indicated on the customer's Eurodrive contract will result in additional charges to the customer. Further conditions apply, contact us for more information.

What are the Additional Costs: The Renault Eurodrive Program is a tax free sale with buy back agreement. After you pay for your lease in your home country, your only other costs are petrol/diesel. Tolls and Motorway charges are not included.

Safety Kit: Mandatory safety jacket and triangle are included in all Renault Eurodrive lease vehicles.

Extension of Contract Period: While travelling you can arrange an extension by contacting Renault RCD Paris. Extensions will be calculated using RCD tariff rates and can be as much as double pre-booked rates. Notice of intention to extend must be given at least 2 weeks prior to the expiry date of the original period, and should include a return address so that updated insurance papers can be forwarded to you. If the extension is not paid for, the vehicle will only be insured for the initial period.


Liability: certain provisional of the Competition and Consumer Act (including, without limitation, the Australian Consumer Law) and other State, Territory or Commonwealth laws in Australia, as amended or replaced from time to time, (collectively "ACL") apply to the operation of these terms and conditions and provide consumers (as that expression is sued in the ACL) and others with certain rights (reference to collectively as the "consumer guarantees") in relation to goods or services purchased by those persons. Other than consumer guarantees which are not excluded, modified or restricted by this provision, DriveAway does not give any guarantee or warranty or make any representation of any kind, express or implied, with respect to the supply by DriveAway or others of any goods or serviced online.

Other than in respect of goods or serviced supplied to consumers or goods or serviced that are of a kind ordinarily acquires for personal, domestic, or household use of consumption, DriveAway’ liability for the breach of any condition or warranty, whether expressed or implied (other than warranties or conditions in relation to title, encumbrances and quite possession) is limited, at DriveAway’ opinion, to:

Notwithstanding anything contained online, nothing in these terms and conditions; Excludes, restricts or modifies or purports to have the effect of excluding, restricting or modifying any condition or warranty that is implied by, or consumer guarantee specified by, the ACL or DriveAway’ liability under any such condition, warranty or guarantee; or gives rise to any liability on the Customer’s park or qualifies DriveAway’ liability in circumstances where DriveAway is in breach of these terms and conditions, including any conditions or warrantied implied, or consumer guarantees specified, by the ACL.


Responsibility for Information: Vehicle specifications, photographs, illustrations, third party charges, third party conditions and information relating to goods or serviced provided by third parties contained online (collectively "Information") are provided by third parties to DriveAway. All Information is subject to change without notice. The Consumer must not rely on this Information. Any description of the goods or services of any third parties in the Information is by way of identification only and the use or reliance on that description by any person shall not constitute any contract between that person and DriveAway as a sale by description. The Consumer must make their own independent enquiries and investigations and undertake their own assessment of any Information and undertake their own assessment of any Information before deciding whether or not the goods or services referred to in the Information are suitable for the requirements of the Consumer. Without limiting the generality of this paragraph, city maps in the brochure are not to scale and car depot locations in this brochure are approximate only.

Supply of Goods or Services by Third Parties: The goods and services identified online may be provided by a third party. For the Customer to obtain goods are services provided by a third party, the Customer may be required by that third party to agree to, and be bound by, terms and conditions that are specified by that third party. Any person intending to enter into an agreement with a third party must make their own independent enquiries and assessments in relation to the effect of the terms and conditions of that agreement before doing so. Subject to rights that the Consumer may have under the ACL, which are not excluded, modified or restricted by this provision, the Customer acknowledges and agrees that DriveAway has no control over and no responsibility for any terms and conditions agreed between the Customer and a third party.


These terms and conditions are governed in all respects by the law of State of New South Wales and the Customer irrevocably submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of New South Wales and the Federal Court of Australia.

Last updated 13 April 2022. All information is correct at time of publication and subject to change without notice.