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Hints & Tips for First Time Snow Goers

If you're heading to the ski fields this winter, here are some hot tips to keep in mind.

Be Flexible

Literally! The kids might be limber, but for most parents, flexibility might be a concern. So practice plenty of lunges and squats before you hit the slopes and be physically prepared.

Shoes and Socks

Hire or buy your ski boots to get around when you're not skiing or snowboarding. They'll keep the kids sage from slipping on the ice surfaces and also keep them comfortable and toasty warm. Pop ski socks onto your holiday checklist, too, as they're less likely to scrunch up and reduce the risk of nasty blisters. Keep your socks always dry and ensure that you pack plenty of them, even a spare pair for during the day.

Tyre Chains

When you're driving to the snow, you'll need to make sure you have the appropriate gear for your car. Tyre snow chains are essential to have on you and can be included with your car rental. In addition, you'll find roadside fitting bays as you approach the ski fields - make sure you know how to fit them.


Every child must wear a helmet when skiing or snowboarding to prevent the risk of severe head and brain injuries. Always ensure helmets have been properly fitted and are worn correctly for maximum protection.

Stay & Play

There are so many things to consider when travelling to the snow, so before you book, consider whether you would like to stay on snow or save money by staying in a nearby town. While it may cost more, staying on the snow is advisable with young children, which means more time on the snow and less distance to lug all your gear.

Mark Up

Pack a roll of masking tape and a permanent marker, so you can label your skis and or snowboards. It'll make life easier when you can identify your belongings among the dozens of other identical ski gear piled on the racks at the resort facilities.

Lock it up

If you're staying away from the ski fields, be sure to hire yourself a locker. The locker will save you plenty of time and effort lugging your ski gear back and forth from your accommodation each day. Remember that a day in the snow can be as exhausting as it is fun.

Practise makes perfect

A good ski school is the key to a successful and safe family snow holiday. Not only will lessons fast track snow skills, but they also provide an excellent opportunity for the kids to socialise with others. It's also worth considering half-day lessons for younger children so they can have the afternoon to rest.

Snow Snacks

Pack the kids' pockets with a couple of energy snack to keep them going. You and the rest of the family will need as much energy as you can all get!

Ski & Save

If you're heading to the snow on a budget, save by travelling during the beginning or very end of the snow season. You'll save on lift passes, accommodation is more available, and plenty of travel wholesalers promote early bird deals for domestic and international destinations.

Snow Skiing Kid Jumping in the Snow

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