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The Castle Road

The Castle Road offers a preview into the Middle Ages and some of the amazing scenery that Germany has to offer: Historic medieval towns and romantic castles, ghost tours, costume performances at festivals in authentic surroundings, and dining at banquets within ancient castle walls.

Castle Road was established in 1954, and was named ‘Castle Road’ because of the number of palaces and castles along this route.

On this historical drive you will travel between 70 or so fortresses, castles and palaces spanning over 1,200km, which offer themselves up as very impressive monuments. There are many museums and medieval towns full of culture and ancient treasures with the most beautiful backdrops just waiting for you to discover.

The drive begins in Mannheim with winding back roads journeying eastwards. With easy to follow signs you can drive onto the Neckar Valley in Heidelberg which is one of the most visited cities in Germany. Here you will be able to take in the many sights, shopping and eateries. Working your way northward along to Coburg you will come across several rivers and a breathtaking view of the landscape in Switzerland. Before reaching your final destination in ‘The Golden City', Prague, be sure to stop at Beyreuth where you can view the famous Margravial Opera House, considered to be one of the most beautiful preserved opera houses in Europe.

Even though the drive is mainly concentrated on the surrounding castles, palaces and stately homes you cannot forget to sample the local produce and wine at all cities along the drive.

This route is unmatched not only for the historical architecture but also the hospitality which is shown right throughout the country, so immerse yourself in European history and discover stunning countryside throughout the south of Germany.

Drive the great Castle Road

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