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Day Trip on the Windward Coast - Oahu

The Windward Coast has some of the prettiest beaches on the island of Oahu. Start the day leaving Waikiki bright and early to ensure there will be enough time to enjoy a day jammed packed with activities and sightseeing. The total drive of approximately 100 kilometres (62.1 miles) will take3 hours. Head east via Kalaniana Ole Highway to the first stop, Hālona Blowhole.


Waikiki to Hālona Blowhole

Distance: 19km

Time: 25 minutes

One of Hawaii's natural wonders, the Hālona Blowhole, was created thousands of years ago when molten lava tubes were formed from volcanic eruptions. Walk to Cockroach Cove, a secluded little beach nearby, for a quick swim. In winter (December-March), the area is prime to see humpback whales and Honu turtles.


The Big Island Road Trip

Hālona Blowhole to Lanikai Beach

Distance: 22km

Time: 31 minutes

A quick stop at Lanikai Beach is a perfect place to help rest and recharge for the rest of the trip - the calm and crystal clear waters makes an ideal location for swimming and snorkelling. The Lanikai Pillbox, an intermediate level hike to the La Popular hiking trail over easy-going terrain overlooking Kailua Bay & the Ko'olau Mountains. The Hik, also popularly known as the Kaiwa Ridge Trail. Hikers are rewarded with breathtaking views of the Mokulua Islands, Kailua Beach, Lanikai Beach, and surrounding neighbourhoods.

Nearby Lanikai, Kailua Beach is a worthy stop due to its magnificent views, warm waters and shady trees, making a perfect spot for a lunch break. The beach offers many restaurants and cooking facilities in the shore area.


Kailua Beach to Byodo-In Temple

Distance: 10km

Time: 25 minutes

Drive through to get to The Byodo-In Temple, established in 1968, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first Japanese immigrants to Hawaii. The temple, a smaller-scale replica of the over 950-year-old Byodo-in Temple in Uji, Japan, has been used in numerous TV show episodes in series such as Lost and Hawaii Five-O. Take your time to explore the place, meditate or enjoy the beauty of its lush green surroundings.


Hawaii Road Trip

Byodo-InTemple to Kualoa Park

Distance: 13km

Time: 19 minutes

Head to Kualoa Regional Park via Kahekili Highway (83). The park covers 153 acres across the road from the Pali-ku of the Koʻolau Range. One of Kualoa Park's main attractions is the view to nearby Mokoli'i Island, which can be visited via kayak. Kualoa Beach beachfront is white sand and calm water, perfect for kayaking, swimming and paddleboarding.

A visit to Kualoa Ranch, where the Jurassic Park franchise and other Hollywood blockbuster movies were filmed, is worth visiting the movie aficionados. The Ranch offers different tours available for families, couples and individuals.


Kualoa Park to Nu'uanu Pali

Distance: 27km

Time: 35 minutes

On the way back to Honolulu, make a stop at the Nu'uanu Pali Lookout. Located 365 metres above sea level, the site has deep historical significance for Hawaiians. The Battle of Nuuanu occurred in 1795 when King Kamehameha I won the struggle that finally united Oahu under his ruling.

Take a moment to appreciate the stunning panoramic views of the Pacific ocean, the surrounding rainforest and spectacular cliffs. Admission is free, and there is plenty of parking. Be aware that extreme wind can happen in the area.


Oahu Road Trip

Nu'uanu Pali to Waikiki

Distance: 14km

Time: 23 minutes

Return to Waikiki via Pali Highway (61) for a short drive back to your accommodation and take in the scenery on the way back from a day of adventures.

Recommended Accommodation in Waikiki:

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