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Brindisi may seem to be associated as being the port of travel between Italy, Greece or Albania. But this city has much more to offer with its cultural experiences, charming streets and an exciting nightlife. Brindisi is located on an 80 kilometre stretch of coastline, on the southern part of Italy in the region of Puglia.

A car hire will provide you with the perfect way to explore Brindisi and the classic style landscapes of olive groves, vineyards and great coastal scenes. Sit back, relax and enjoy the magical views Brindisi has to offer.

Book a car hire today with DriveAway and enjoy the freedom to make your own choices on your self-drive itinerary. It's your holiday so why shouldn't you have unlimited options and a scheduled free holiday. For convenience you can collect your car hire from the airport located just 5 kilometres from the city centre or collect your hire car from the downtown depots located in the city.

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Brindisi Brindisi

Brindisi has many sightseeing attractions with several churches all unique in itself. Bursting with a rich history, picturesque beaches and of course the famed ancient harbour which sweeps majestically along the city, this city is not to be missed. Take a short drive to the ancient Roman columns, which are considered to be the symbols of Brindisi. This was a symbol for many centuries as the end of the Appian Way which Romans used as a path from Rome. Brindisi offers wonderful beaches with warm waters which is great for water sports or for a bit of relaxation time. Check out the great beaches on the Salento Coast which offers 17 kilometres of coastline.

There are countless places to visit for a day trip with scenic drives in your hire car. Check out the Gargano National Park which is a national park of gigantic mountains covered by the ancient forest, called the Foresta Umbra or the Altopiano delle Murge which is a low limestone structure offering a wonderful backdrop against the Adriatic Coast. The options of where to travel are endless when you have the freedom of a hire car.

Not only is the scenery breathtakingly beautiful, there are also a number of celebrations that occur on Brindisi. The Procession at Sea is an annual celebration which takes place in the first week of September. It celebrates the protectors of Brindisi which are Saint Theodore of Amasea and Saint Lawrence.

Cities (To and From) Distance ( Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Brindisi to Naples 380 4
Brindisi to Rome 546 5.5
Brindisi to Sorrento 375 4.5
Brindisi to Bari 117 1.25
Brindisi to Salerno 320 3.5