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Dresden, the capital of the German federal state of Saxony, has about ten million tourists each year. The historical center of Dresden was completely destroyed in World War II, but thankfully The Zwinger, the Semper Opera and the Frauenkirche have been rebuilt.

Since 2006 in time for the city's 800 year jubilee, Dresden was restored to what it was, a large city with a pulsating centre and probably one or even the most beautiful city in Germany.

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Car Hire Dresden

Dresden Dresden

There are many wonders to see in Dresden, and you can get around to them all with a car hire. Enjoy the Altstadt and Neustadt areas on opposite sides of the Elbe River, which offer lovely restaurants, shops and pretty streets to wander. Visit the New Green Vault at the Residenz Palace, where you can see a 41-carat diamond, along with the treasures of the Palace’s original owner, Augustus the Strong, in the Historic Green Vault. Visit the Lichtentaler Allee, a magnificent promenade which is also home to the State Art Gallery, the City History Museum and the Modern Art Gallery.

Travel along the beautiful Elbe River, where you’ll see dramatic cliffs, ruined castles, and lush vegetation. With a hire Car, you can easily get to Dresden with the German highway system making the cities of Prague and Budapest easily accessible. A hire car also allows you to see more of the area around Dresden, like the wine town Radebeul, the climbing area Saxon Switzerland and castles galore.

Cities (To and From) Distance (Approx. km) Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Dresden to Berlin 193 2
Dresden to Munich 460 4.5
Dresden to Hamburg 478 5
Dresden to Cologne 569 6
Dresden to Hanover 365 4

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