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Book a car hire today and don't follow a regular tour, create your own self-drive holiday which is unique and best suited for your taste. Genoa is a scene of tranquil rolling hills which surrounds the medieval history and dramatic architecture. Public transport in Genoa may not be all that reliable, so why risk missing out on some of the most beautiful scenes Italy has to offer and book a car hire with us today!

Genoa is located in the northern part of Italy, celebrated as the European Capital of Culture for 2004. Genoa has many tourist attractions bursting out of every corner, and with a car hire you can cruise along the winding streets passing the red, orange and yellow buildings, alongside the majestic palaces, vintage churches and the historical remains. Take a minute to watch the locals try their luck with fishing for catfish, take a stroll through the streets filled with artistic flare, feel the sun beaming through the colourful buildings and of course indulge on the famous gelato.

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Travelling in Genoa in your car hire is always convenient. You can collect your car hire at the airport where the suppliers are conveniently located at the airport terminals. You can also collect your car hire from the downtown depots located throughout the city. If you are travelling from Milan you can travel into Genoa via the A7-E62 and then on to the A26/A7 which is about a two hour drive. Take a coastal drive from Turin along the A6/E717 which is a winding highway alongside coastal views, the options are always endless when you have the independence of your own car hire.

The Piazza De Ferrari is a great place to start as it is the most famous ornamental centrepiece in Genoa. This Piazza is located in between the old and the modern city. The square has a dramatic fountain in the middle and important buildings surrounding, which include the Teatro Carlo Felice opera house, Doge's Palace and the house where Christopher Columbus was born. At the centre of the medieval city you will find the significant San Lorenzo Cathedral which has been remodeled in Gothic style and dates back to the 1100's. San Lorenzo is surrounded by other important religious building worth checking out, which include the Baptistery, the Archbishops Palace, the San Lorenzo Cloister and the Ducal Palace.

Want to see what life is like in the underwater world without getting your feet wet? Well then take a short car hire drive to the Aquarium of Genoa which is the biggest in Europe. The aquarium consists of 70 tanks which is home to over 6000 animals from all around the world. The aquarium has reproduced coral gardens from different corners of the world such as the Antarctic, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Amazon, the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean which is the most impressive. Don't miss out on the most popular displays which show the very entertaining sharks, dolphins and seals.

To see Genoa from a birds eye view take a short car hire drive to the historic Lighthouse of Genoa by the harbour. The lighthouse reveals an impressive landscape view of the city at its meeting point to the ocean. By this time you will need some time to relax and unwind. Check out the Villetta Di Negro Park which overlooks the historical centre or the Parks of Nervi which offers breathtaking coastal views. There are many wonderful parks to choose from as Genoa has over 82,000 square metres of Public Parks. Its your holiday, your choice!

Cities (To and From) Distance ( Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Genoa to Milan 145 2
Genoa to Bologna 296 3
Genoa to Florence 244 3
Genoa to San Remo 147 2
Genoa to Rome 500 5