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Mainz is a beautiful, charming town, located on the banks of the Rhine, and is today a magnet for countless tourists. Mainz, the capital city of the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany, has a history of over two thousands years

This lovely town has a gorgeous town square, lush parks, magnificent & historic architecture and a wonderful heritage, all waiting to be explored with a car hire from DriveAway.

Car Hire Mainz

Mainz Mainz

Collect your car hire in downtown Mainz and get ready to explore. One of the most famous sights in Mainz is St Martins Cathedral in the city centre, that’s dated back to the 1300’s. St Stephen’s Church was built in 990, and is famous for the stunning blue Chagall windows. See the Electoral Palace just below the Rhine Bridge, and is great for archeology and history lovers. Take a trip in your hire car to see the Eisenturm, which is the iron tower that was one of the 34 towers if the old city wall that was built in 1240. If you’re lucky enough to be in Mainz between November and February you’ll be able to experience Carnival, and is famous throughout Germany for the vibrant atmosphere and great parades.

Mainz is located on the river Rhine. A car hire in Mainz is a great way to discover the western part of the Frankfurt Rhine-Main Region. Mainz is within easy reach of Frankfurt with a hire car, which is only just thirty minutes away, therefore making this a great day trip. Explore the surrounding wine-growing area of Rhineland-Palatinate, between Bingen, Worms and Alzey, where you’ll find castle ruins and magnificent countryside. All right on the doorstep of Mainz, and ready for you to discover with your DriveAway’ car hire!

Cities (To and From) Distance (Approx. km) Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Mainz to Berlin 576 6
Mainz to Dresden 491 5
Mainz to Hamburg 522 5.5
Mainz to Cologne 180 2
Mainz to Munich 428 4.5

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