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Book a car hire today and create your own fascinating adventures in Palermo, Sicily, which is located on the north coast of the Island. Palermo has countless attractions for you to visit, and while you explore you can see the way the Sicilians talk with huge emotions and share a relaxed way of life. The city has a mix of exotic cultural influences which have grown over the centuries and brings a unique experience to your holiday in Italy.

Car rental in Palermo is a great option as you can travel around Palermo and its surrounding cities with ease and convenience. Take a short drive and check out the sites boasting a long history and architectural influences with captivating palaces, castles, churches and much more. This classic city offers many designer boutiques, stylish cafes and with thrilling stories and compelling mafia history. You can find it all here in Palermo.

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There are many scenic drives available in your hire car in Palermo, so take the time to stop and taste the local food, take in the sweet aromas and view the romantic landscapes. For your convenience, you can collect your rental car upon arrival from Palermo Airport or from the city and railway depots.

A great place to start is at the heart of the Palermo city, at the Quattro Canti. The Quattro Canti also known as the Piazza Vigliena is a baroque square. As you stroll through the streets you will find dramatic fountains and statues guiding you through historical stories, churches and you will eventually reach the famous 12th century Palazzo Dei Normanni. This Palace was once the place of the Kings of Sicily and holds great historical and artistic importance. This imposing structure is a castle with a great blend of Norman, Arab and Italian architectural influences.

For a 'freaky' and unique experience you can't miss out on The Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo. If you can handle the dreary feeling you will walk alongside 8000 mummified bodies. This all started in the 16th century when the Capuchin Monks started mummifying bodies and placed them in the cave under the monastery. The bodies have been divided based on their status in life, one of the most popular and interesting rooms is the room of woman bodies. The mummified body of a 4 year old girl is one of the highlights as she still looks almost alive.

After your sightseeing explorations you'll need some time to relax and rejuvenate, so take a short drive to the amazing Mondello Beach. This beach is for everyone, especially seafood lovers. Palermo is an incredible holiday destination, and it will be hard to leave the island when the holiday has come to an end. If you are travelling to Palermo in May then make sure you check out the World Festival located on Mondello Beach. This is a large-scale sports and music festival celebrated from the 16th till the 24th of May.

Cities (To and From) Distance ( Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Palermo to Catania 211 2.5
Palermo to Naples (Inc. ferry crossing) 715 8
Palermo to Bari (Inc. ferry crossing) 662 8
Palermo to Brindisi (Inc. ferry crossing) 672 8
Palermo to Rome (Inc. ferry crossing) 924 10