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Book a car hire today with DriveAway and travel to the charming city of Salerno, Italy, located in between the enchanting coasts of the famous Amalfi Coast and the Cilento Coast. The Amalfi Coast drive is one of the most spectacular and irresistible drives in the world and should not be missed when travelling in a car hire.

Collect your hire car with ease from the Salerno Costa D'Amalfi Airport located just 20 kilometres from the city centre or collect your car at many downtown depots located in the city. Salerno is one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in Italy, surrounded by a beautiful natural setting with an ongoing sunny climate. There is a rich amount of historic attractions with artistic and cultural treasures. So book a car hire today and create your own self-drive holiday.

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Start your sightseeing adventures at the Salerno Cathedral which is the most important church of Salerno. Here you will be overcome with an aura of relaxation in a peaceful and significant building. The church is dedicated to Saint Matthew where his tomb rests inside the cripta. Duomo of Salerno was built in the 12th century and is one of the most popular tourist attractions due to its beautiful paintings and historical importance.

Take a short drive in your hire car to the famous Paestum, known as one of the most evocative archaeological sites with Greek civilization in Italy. The Paestum is an ancient Roman city which holds the significant treasures of the temple built in 550 BC, the Temple of Neptune which was built in 450 BC and the Temple of Ceres which is perched on the highest point of Salerno. Just outside Paestum are three large cemeteries and tomb paintings which date back to the 4th century BC. There are many historical paintings of high quality and importance displaying a work of vivid colours throughout the tombs, but the main attraction is the painting in the Tomb of the Diver. All together over 500 tombs have been discovered thus far.

For a wonderful coastal scene surrounded by historical importance take a short car hire drive to The Salerno Promenade which is considered to be an imitation of the French Riviera. It extends over 8 kilometres framed with rare palm trees. This is where you will also find the majestic Castello di Arechi which stands proudly on a 300 metre hill. This splendid structure is filled with delicate ancient architecture from the 6th century. This amazing castle offers spectacular views over the city and the coast. The castle is now accessible to the public and houses a collection of paintings from the early 1900’s.

Cities (To and From) Distance ( Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Salerno to Naples 54 0.75
Salerno to Rome 269 2.75
Salerno to Bari 241 2.5
Salerno to Florence 514 5
Salerno to Siena 473 4.5