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San Remo was originally named Matuzia which translates to "goddess of the sea" and the thousands of flowers in San Remo prove the divine climate. This city is filled with beauty behind every corner with a great cultural experience and a captivating landscape. It's no wonder that San Remo was once called home by Russian princesses, English barons, musicians and the famous scientist Alfred Nobel.

Book a car hire today with DriveAway and have the freedom to create your own self-drive Itinerary through Italy. San Remo is bursting with cultural, historical and great cuisine experiences, and in your hire car you will be able to choose where to go and discover the true Italian culture. Other than the decorative flowers throughout the city there are many grand churches, art displays, adventure sports, beaches and many more found in this small charming medieval town. San Remo is an unforgettable holiday destination and is worth exploring in your hire car.

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This little piece of heaven is a great getaway which stretches along the golden beaches to the monstrous medieval hillside. A car hire is an easy means of transport and you can collect your hire car from many depots located in the city centre. Once you have collected your car hire the only problem you will have is where to travel first. As the city is known for its flowers, take a short car hire drive to the San Remo Botanical Garden which is home to over 5800 tropical species.

Where to start? Start at the beginning where it all began in San Remo. Travelling to the Old Town displays a unique outlook on the way San Remo once stood in the past. A cluster of medieval houses, with winding narrow lanes lead you to the grand church. The Russian Orthodox Church is one of the main attractions. This extraordinary structure was constructed by the Russian community who left it as a legacy to the Russian empress Maria Alexandrovna. This Church dates back to the 19th century and has similar features to the St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, Russia.

The Casino in San Remo is one of the most famous attractions. It is considered to be an architectural masterpiece with its white palace structure and French neo-baroque features. Near the casino you will find the main strip which is great for shopping and cocktail bars. With a car hire travelling to other locations is a breeze. Spend a day at the wonderful surrounding beaches or travel north to Pigna which is located on the hills that overlooks the valley. There are wonderful churches including San Michele and the Roman church of San Bernardo. This ancient little town is a wonderful day trip with many delightful surprises.

Cities (To and From) Distance ( Travel Time (Approx. hr)
San Remo to Genoa 149 2
San Remo to Milan 272 3.25
San Remo to Bologna 423 4.5
San Remo to Florence 391 4.5
San Remo to Rome 646 6.75