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Stuttgart is the capital of state Baden-Wuttemburg in southern Germany. Stuttgart is placed in a valley west of the Neckar River and is filled with landscape views of hills, vineyards and is one of Germany’s top wine-growing regions. Stuttgart is also renowned for its famous automotive industry of the luxurious Porsche and the Mercedes-Benz which also have car museums for both car companies.

Drive your car rental through the lush valley and experience the relaxed nature of the flora and fauna. Stuttgart is a world of it’s own in Germany as it’s considered to be one of the greenest cities in Europe. This charismatic city delights and surprises tourists, being so unique in offering superb landscape views, extraordinary gardens and parks, grand palaces and unique architectural styles.

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Stuttgart car rental is more affordable and convenient for tourists. The options of collecting a car hire are vast as there are locations at the Echterdingen airport located 30 minutes from the city, or choices from the downtown and railway stations are also an option. If you drive your hire car from the airport take the B27 to Stuttgart city centre. Transport in Stuttgart after midnight is a problem as there are only night buses that are irregular and have odd routes available, also taxis in Stuttgart are outrageously expensive. A DriveAway car rental in Stuttgart is more affordable and suitable for travel in this city.

Drive your car hire to a romantic and grand ambience of history to experience the wonders of the New Castle. The New Castle stands proudly at the south of the centre square. The castle takes you to a world of high standard architecture which was built based in late Baroque style. Great architects were involved in the construction of this building and were restored to its glory after it was destroyed by fire. The President of the federal republic of Germany was born in the New Castle in 1920. The castle plays a significant role in history and must be viewed by all people to take in the importance and development on today’s land of Stuttgart.

A short drive with your hire car to the Wilhelma zoo is a must for individuals and especially families. The zoo is Europe’s largest combined zoological and botanical garden. It contains over 8,000 animals and numerous amounts of flora and fauna from over 5,000 different species. The Botanical gardens are a wonderful treat for all ages with delights of colours and shapes of the gardens. The botanical garden is famous for holding Europe’s largest Magnolia Grove. The remarkable aquarium exhibits animals and plants from around the world. This is an intriguing experience with delights with a vast variety of species.

Stuttgart is the known as ‘The Cradle of the Automobiles’ as the motorbike and the four-wheel vehicle were invented in Stuttgart. The Mercedes-Benz, Porches, Maybach and prototypes of the VW Beetle were all produced in Stuttgart. Many people have visited the Mercedes-Benz museum that opened in 2006. DriveaAway clients can drive the car hire to the museum located 4 kilometres northeast of the city centre. This museum exhibits 180 beautiful vehicles from all ages of the Mercedes-Benz brand. All visitors can appreciate the power and glory of luxury vehicles.

Cities (To and From) Distance (Approx. km) Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Stuttgart - Munich 233 2.5
Stuttgart - Frankfurt 207 1.25
Stuttgart - Dresden 509 5.5

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