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Turin has been defined by the famous architect, Le Corbusier, as "the city with the most beautiful natural location in the world". Cruise along in your hire car to the world-class museums, the ancient Roman Ruins, baroque style buildings and funky bars which are surrounded by an extraordinary landscape of rolling hills and glistening rivers to top it all off.

DriveAway offers a unique self-drive holiday which will help capture the true Italian culture. Turin is a large city located in the north western part of Italy. With a hire car you will be able to travel with freedom to the surrounding cities and countries. The French border is just an hours drive from Turin and Milan is a two hours drive on the A4 Motorway. You can also take this motorway to Venice and Genoa is a 2 hour car hire drive along the A21 Motorway.

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Turin has that wonderful charm which offers architectural significance as well as a natural landscape escape. Just a short car hire drive east of the city, is the famous Po River, and to the west you see the gigantic mountains which hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics. You can collect your hire car from an airport location or from the numerous downtown depots located in the city. Collecting your car hire from Turins International airport is easy as it is located just 15 kilometres north of the city in Caselle, and there are many motorways which can be easily accessed.

Turin has many great attractions to visit but one of the tourism hot spots is the Piazza Castello. This beautiful Piazza is located in the heart of Turin and has many vintage cafes and restaurants which is an important part of Turin. The buildings are filled with elegant architecture, museums and historic monuments. It is well known for also being home to the majestic palaces including the famous Palazzo Reale and the Palazzo Madamma.

The iconic landmark is the gigantic Mole Antonelliana which dominates the skyline. This landmark stands proudly at 167 metres and is the tallest building in Turin. It is now home to the National Cinema Museum and offers wonderful views of Turin. You can take a ride in the panoramic lift which will take you to the observation deck at 85 metres high. The views from up here are fantastic as it crosses over the city to the snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Take a short car hire drive to the Basilica di Superga. This Basilica is approximately 10 kilometres from the city centre and perched on Turin's second highest hill. This striking Church is considered to be a masterpiece in Baroque style and is home to the crypt which houses the burial ground for the Savoy Kings and family members. Just outside the church there are wonderful trails which guide through the enchanting park. The views over the city to the mountains are amazing, especially at night time.

Turin has celebrations all year round, especially in the summer period. One of the main events is the Festa di San Giovanni which celebrates its patron saint, Saint John the Baptist, on the 24th of June. There are continuous activities throughout the day and a huge fireworks display at night.

Cities (To and From) Distance ( Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Turin to Milan 141 1.75
Turin to Genoa 172 2
Turin to Bologna 331 3.5
Turin to Florence 434 4.5
Turin to San Remo 231 2.75