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Driving Holidays with the Family

There is no doubt a car rental or lease can make your family holiday a whole lot easier and more enjoyable.

The usual benefits of comfort and freedom that come with having your own vehicle are guaranteed to make life easier, and if you are travelling with the kids, you can customise your rental or lease to suite your needs and make sure your trip will be laid back and care free.

Size of your Vehicle

An important thing to consider when choosing your rental or lease is of course the size of car you will need. The number of passengers and the amount of luggage are of course the factors determining this, and depending on your destination, you do indeed have a great variety to choose from.

Intermediate size lease or rental is often suitable for a couple travelling with one child or even two in some case depending on how much luggage you have. For a car which you will simply use for getting around your destination's city and surrounding area for day trips, you may need nothing larger.

A larger car will definitely be of use for those travelling with children plus a decent amount of luggage. Wagons are often available in the compact and intermediate categories, so may be suitable, otherwise a full size sedan or wagon may be needed.

People movers are the most appropriate option if you are travelling with five or more passengers or lots of luggage. Alternatively a seven or eight seater van would be a good choice, depending on your preference.

Extra Seating Options

At virtually all rental and leasing depots, suppliers are able to provide families with extras such as:

Make sure you request any extras that you require when booking your car, to ensure it is available and ready for you to collect.

Contact our friendly reservations staff for more information on the best vehicle to hire when travelling with family and to book your self-drive holiday today!