Explore Europe in a Brand New Peugeot

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Peugeot Leasing

Long Term European Car Leasing with Peugeot Open Europe

Peugeot European Leasing

What is Peugeot Leasing?

"Freedom, Comfort & Style"

Leasing a car with our brand new tax-free Peugeot program is a great option for those travelling to Europe. A Peugeot lease gives you the freedom to cruise the open roads of Europe in style. Specifically designed for non-European residents and travellers planning an extended holiday in Europe (between 21 and 175 days - 90 days when returning to Portugal, Mini-Leases are available for 14-20 days), all vehicles are left-hand drive. It is the perfect alternative to car hire, allowing you to explore the best of Europe as soon as you arrive.

Why lease a Peugeot?

Infographic: 3 Reasons Why Peugeot Leasing Is Your Next Choice

Do I qualify for a Peugeot lease?

To qualify for a long term Peugeot Open Europe lease all drivers must:

Need help picking your Peugeot car?

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