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Car Insurance in the USA

Just like when driving your own car at home, having insurance for your rental car is essential.

All suppliers provide insurance that covers various things as long as the car is being driven legally and according to the terms of the rental agreement, however exactly what is covered and what you may have to pay can vary from one country to the next and also between suppliers themselves.


In the United States, those renting a car will have the luxury of having insurance to cover most situations, and a majority come without any excess to pay. This means that even in the case of an accident or theft of the car, you will not be out of pocket.

What is covered?

This does of course vary between locations and suppliers, however most will include insurance to cover third party injury, damage to someone else’s vehicle and damage to the rental car itself. There are limits on what this will cover though, for example some suppliers do not cover damage to tyres and windscreens, so be sure to check this when booking your car. Also, while there is no excess, a deposit is still usually taken when the car is collected, another thing to keep in mind.

Extra Cover

Optional extra insurance coverage is also available from most suppliers, to cover things other than those above. Coverage for things like injury to occupants of the rental car itself, windscreen and tyre protection, and loss of belongings due to theft and the like can be requested in most locations.

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